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The club hosting the tournament will decide whether to cancel or not. Sometimes this will be decided the evening before. Any cancellation will be notified on the COFA website. Coaches will be notified by the coaching co-ordinator.


Shirts - Shirts are provided by the club. Players are responsible for returning their shirts at the end of the season, clean and in good condition. If shirts are not returned or returned in unuseable condition the player will be invoiced for the replacement cost of $50.

Black Shorts & Socks - Black socks and shorts are available from Apparel Studio, 11 Fredericks St. Wanaka, or can be bought from any sports shop. It is important for all players to be wearing the correct uniform.

Club Hoodies - Good quality hoodies are available with your childs (or your) name printed on the back and the club & sponsors logos. Because of the generous sponsorship we have received they are only $45 each! Check them out here.


Normally after school on Wednesday

3:30pm at Kellys flat for 6th, 8th, 10th Grades

4:30pm at Kellys Flat for 12th Grade

4:30pm at Mt Aspiring College for 14th & 17th Grades

but individual coaches may choose to train on another day or different location.  


All of our coaches are unpaid volunteers. They do it because of their love for the game and a desire to see the kids have fun and have the ability to play a team sport. Some of them are very experienced, some of them are not, but all of them are doing their bit and their best. Parents please keep this in mind. Any form of abuse will not be tolerated and may result in the person being banned from tournaments and training.

Anyone who is interested in coaching, helping or learning to coach, or managing a team please feel free to contact the club.

Team Managers

There are plenty of tasks that don't require any or much football knowledge. If you are willing to help out in any way talk to your childs team coach.


The club relies on grants and sponsorship from local businesses and individuals to enable it to function. We are very lucky to have many generous people in our community. If you are interested in sponsorship or have experience of fundraising and grant applications please contact the club. The grants and sponsorship we receive help pay for team uniforms, equipment, ground rental, and Football South fees.

Home Tournament BBQ's

When the tournament is in Wanaka we run BBQ's and Home Baking stalls at Kellys Flat and Pembroke Park. As well as providing the kids (and big kids) with something nutritious and /or warm in their stomachs, the BBQ's and Home Baking are another great source of income for the club. 

Each family is expected to help out on the BBQ or stall for one 1 hour slot each season. You will be notified of your turn by email and the roster will be published on the website. If you can't make the slot assigned to you it is your responsibility to arrange a swap or replacement with someone else and notify the organiser. Please help out, 1 hour per year isn't much to ask and everyone seems to enjoy it. 

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