A little bit of History

In 1972 the Chidley family, Norm, Margaret and their 3 children (2 boys and a girl), arrived in Dunedin from Liverpool. Football mad Norm, Margaret and the kids were quickly involved in the local club, Northern Junior.

In those days the Juniors played at the Gardens, many parents would play for the Senior club so days at the field could be long. Having children dashing across Bank St to grab some chips was far from ideal.

In 19?? Norm and Margaret helped move the Junior club from the Gardens to their new home ground at Chingford Park, an enclosed ground, a ground safe for players. Bob Kemp was club President and John Lindsay a hard working committee member.

In those days there was little more than a wooden shed for facilities. Seeing a need for proper clubrooms Norm approached the Leith Harrier Club and the Cavalier Cricket Club to gauge interest. As a group they approached the City Council and the clubrooms were built.

Councillor Jean McLean was interested in strengthening the junior football scene and many a Saturday she could be found at Chingford Park.

The kitchen in the clubrooms was used as a café; Margaret aided by Jean Lindsay (Johns wife) provided much-appreciated cups of tea, cakes and soup. Ken Young at the local veggie store helped out with raffles The funds raised were used to provide players strips.

In 1983 a female team, the Chingford Ladies Football Club, was formed using Chingford as its home ground. Their strip was bottle green long sleeved jersey with black shorts, bottle green socks with two yellow strips. Short lived (2 years) the team went on to become the Northern Women’s team.

NJFC had a close association with the Nomad club of Christchurch there were many home and away games with both clubs having teams travelling.

In 1987 Norm took the 12th grade for a South Island tour playing a total of 10 games (tour schedule attached elsewhere)

Over the years many lasting friendships have formed not only between the players but also the parents. A good mate of Norm and Margaret is Dorothy Dwyer, you will see some correspondence NJFC has received from her son Michael elsewhere.

Sadly John Lindsay has passed away, there is a tree and plaque commemorating John at the field, (I was unable to find it, if anyone knows it’s whereabouts I’ll happily edit this).

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