Life Members

Life Members List

Fred Arnold (Dec.) Rohan Atherton ,Alan Bayliss

Brian Bloomer, Stephen Bluett ,Andrew Brotja,Steve

Brotja,Glenda Burley

John Burley, Laurie Burns (Dec.), Darren Campbell

Errol Campbell, Margaret Campbell (Dec.), Leo Charman (Dec.)

William Cook (Dec), Terry Cormack, John Cosstick

Jim Cowling ,Steve Dawson,Kevin Delaney, Glenn Douglas,Billy Duncan,

Ron Drain, Shaw Finlay.Dennis Fuller, Alan Giles

Bill Goodwin ,David Grant,Geoffrey Griffiths,Adrian Laing,

Noel Hardwick,Colin Harris, Mervyn Harris,Tim Harris,

Christopher Hayes,

Ray Hobson,Alan Hope,DonJames,Robert Jack ,Edward Jenkins (Dec.), Peter Johnston

Peter Jones ,Jo Leach (Dec.), Jim Mackie

Fred Mackie (Dec.), Josie Madigan, Ross Madigan

Kevin Marke ,Kathleen Marke (Dec.) ,Michael McCarrick

Eric McClellan (Dec.), Sally McClellan (Dec.), Cliff McKenzie (Dec.)

Anthony Monk,Terry Moore, Alan Pearson ,Brent Pearson

Craig Pearson, Andrew Peterson, Nick Peterson

Phillip Peterson (Dec.), Vic Ressom (Dec.), Stanley Rodda

Leo Ryan ,Michael Ryan (Dec.), Mark Sandilands

Steve Saynor,Blair Sheppard, Ian Snell,Kevin Sonogan ,Greg Spence,Bruce Stephens (Dec.)

Colin Stewart ,Len Stewart (Dec.) ,Bob Stewart (Dec.)

Don Svigos (Dec.),David VanHoorn,Gayle VanHoorn,Bill Van Hoorn,Ryan Van Hoorn, John Waters

Don Waters (Dec.)

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***Well our new facility is now open and has been officially named the Andrew Peterson Pavillion to acknowledge the huge amount of work that he and his crew put in WELL DONE SILVER

***All Archives,Player Statistics and Full Best and Fairest Votes are now complete as at end of Season 2018 and can be accessed from the top menu Bar

***Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances the date of our AGM has been changed to 4.00 pm on Sunday 18th November in the Andrew Peterson Pavilion at the ground



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