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Steve Gannell


Mark Lynch

Jamie Hackett


Peter Clay / Stampede Signs

Dylan Harris


Rory Sloane

Keenan Hinton


John Crombie

Alex Kelly


Integral Medical Solutions

Roy Peterson


Dandy Fire Brigade D - Platoon

Dylan Price


Slimo Transport

Tom Robinson


Rory Sloane

Dylan Sloane


Slimo Transport

Kane Townsend


Eco Land Management

David V-Hoorn


Peter Jones

Daniel Waters


Design 2000

Jackson Waters


Design 2000

Bree Gaskin


Rory Sloane

Abbey Green


JOA Nominees P/L

Courtney Maloney


W M Excavations

Ben Raru


CSTR Carpentry

Lachlen Hughes


Colin Capon / Biziweb

Johno Hevern


W M Excavations

Liam O'Brien


Ian Snell

Josh O'Brien


Ian Snell

Teah Edelmaier


Melbourne Cleaning Supplies

Carolyn Jackson


Ace Energy Services

Stephanie Hoffelner


Otto Floors Pty Ltd

Kyle Grenda


Elite Car Care

Seamus Parkinson


Robbie Kearns (NRL)

Bailey Oates


Darren Oates

Brayden Mercer


Darren Oates

Cassie Lynch


Mark Lynch

Jacob Krijt



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**Netball Coaches required for Season 2018-please click on news Link on top menu bar for more information

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 The Upwey Tecoma Football Netball Club is seeking applicants for the position of

Senior Women's Coach for Season 2018 as well as an Administrator for the Women’s Football at Executive Committee level.

See article under News on top menu bar

***Well our new facility is now open and has been officially named the Andrew Peterson Pavillion to acknowledge the huge amount of work that he and his crew put in WELL DONE SILVER



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