Netball 2012

Netball A

Krista Tomlinson    84
Jordan Lingard    47
Rylie McLoughlin    39
Natalie Montanari    37
Tess Linkins    36
Courtney Lowe    29
Maree Gold    22
Allana Osborne    12
Jordyn Linkins    10
Stephanie Holland    4
Bianca Meyers    2
Michelle Hyndman    1
Keira Rawlings    1

Netball A Reserves


Katie Lowe    86
Simone Coviello    50
Jordan Elms    39
Brooke Van Keulen    37
Jasmine Schubert    22
Tayler Angus    21
Kathryn Audsley    13
Maddison Taylor    12
Sarah Harris    6
Krista Tomlinson    1
Keira Rawlings    1

Netball B


Michelle Tomlinson    100
Ashleigh Badman    65
Catherine Morris    60
Emma Walker    33
Jade Bell    30
Marion Campbell    25
Jessica Holder    16
Brenda Van Keulen    14
Cassandra Lynch    12
Lorraine Hansen    9
Emma Hedge    8
Simone Coviello    7
Jenny Jois    6
Keira Rawlings    6
Caitlin Gray    3
Jasmine Schubert    1
Michelle Johnson    1



Tiger Notice Board

**Netball Coaches required for Season 2018-please click on news Link on top menu bar for more information

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 The Upwey Tecoma Football Netball Club is seeking applicants for the position of

Senior Women's Coach for Season 2018 as well as an Administrator for the Women’s Football at Executive Committee level.

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***Well our new facility is now open and has been officially named the Andrew Peterson Pavillion to acknowledge the huge amount of work that he and his crew put in WELL DONE SILVER



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