Netball 2013

Netball A

Jordan Lingard 55
Krista Tomlinson 51
Tess Linkins 46
Melanie Walter 42
Greta Hankinson 40
Natalie Montanari 28
Rylie McLoughlin 24
Maree Gold 16
Jordyn Linkins 4

Netball A Reserves


Katie Lowe 90
Simone Coviello 50
Jordan Elms 48
Tayler Angus 32
Penny Oliver 18
Kathryn Audsley 18
Rebecca Cuthell 16
Jessica Elms 7
Jasmine Schubert 5
Sarah Harris 3
Allana Osborne 1

Netball B


Lily Moore 55
Kate Hansen 53
Emma Hedge 37
Charlotte Robertson 32
Michelle Johnson 32
Emily Dowling 26
Jordan Campbell 26
Jade Bell 23
Brooke James 14
Emily Coffey 8
Lisa Hannon 5
Jasmine Schubert 3
Jacqui Cooke 3
Cassandra Lynch 2
Brooke Van Keulen 2
Michelle Tomlinson 2
Emily Bolitho 1

 Netball B Reserves



Michelle Tomlinson 94
Jacqui Cooke 60
Brooke Van Keulen 53
Tanya Newman 36
Chrissie Puyk 32
Brenda Van Keulen 26
Kelly Hunt 16
Marion Campbell 15
Kristen Bez 13
Sam Theron 12
Kate Hansen 6
Lily Moore 5
Amy Hansen 4
Sarah McCrae 2
Jessica Foy 2
Kathy Stoopman 1
Jade Bell 1


Tiger Notice Board

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***The committee and coaching panel of our great club are proud and excited to announce the appointments of David Bell as Senior Playing Coach and Brad Neil as Assistant Coach for the 2019 season.
Their football knowledge, drive, enthusiasm and belief in the direction of both the football and UTFNC as a whole were telling factors in the decision to appoint these two outstanding candidates.
On behalf of the whole club, we wish you both all the best for an exciting 2019 season. Go Tigers!

***All Archives,Player Statistics and Full Best and Fairest Votes are now complete as at end of Season 2018 and can be accessed from the top menu Bar

***We are pleased to announce that Craig Waters has been elected as Club President for season 2019



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