Netball Players 2018

Anderson Shannah
Bell Jade
Borg Taylah
Bui Bianca
Bull Gabriella
Campbell Jordan
Cheung Laura
Cooke Jacqui
Crowley Kirby
Cummack Laura
Day Peta
Ducat Jessica
Edelmaier Jessica
Edelmaier Teah
Freeman Abbie
Hanson Kate
Harrison Carlie
Hazelman Jessica
Jois Vidya
Leeson Rebecca
Lynch Cassandra
Martin Sherridan
Miller Taya
Moffatt Bianca
Napier Charmaine
Power Justine
Rogers April
Silvester Samantha
Stapleton Tamieka
Thompson Christine
Venables Keira
Ward Eliza



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***Well our new facility is now open and has been officially named the Andrew Peterson Pavillion to acknowledge the huge amount of work that he and his crew put in WELL DONE SILVER



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