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I would firstly just like to thank all my support staff, the committee and supporters
for all of their support throughout the year. It takes a lot of work from a lot of people
that all give up their valuable time each week to help the playing group run out onto
the ground on a Saturday and on behalf of all the players, we appreciate your efforts
and the contributions that are made.
One of the major reasons I took this job was that I recognized that this club's high
expectations equal my own. We share a common goal and that is to win
premierships. I feel anything short of that is a failure. I know our players will agree,
we have some high quality individuals amongst our group and I know that this year
cuts deep. I believe they can and will rise to a new challenge. As senior coach, I
personally want to apologize to all our supporters for not delivering.
The season overall was a disappointing one. I’m sure I could come up with many
creative excuses as to why we didn’t achieve our goals this year but the simple truth
is – our effort as a group equaled the result we got.
The most disappointing part of the season was the first 7 rounds. By as early as Rd 7
we had lost all the physical and psychological edge we had over our opposition. That
edge that we had worked so hard for was gone in 7 weeks. It was a direct result of
our lack of commitment over the summer months. We had become “fat and lazy from
feeding on our past successes”.
Having said that, from Rd 8 onward, the players identified that the recent results were
a direct reflection of the level of commitment they had been giving to the team and
club. I commend the players for identifying a major problem and going about doing
everything they could to rectify the season. Training numbers improved for the first
time, players started to address all the little details that go toward making a great
team. Training intensity, rehab and sacrificing your own personal game for the good
of the team all combined to lift the side back up to a competitive level. The players
can, at least, look back on the year and say we didn’t throw away a whole season
which could so easily have happened. We fought hard to get ourselves back into
contention – that takes courage and character.
I hope every player looks at this year and realizes that our opposition has become
more committed and they have raised the bar, just like we had done the previous
year. Look at next year as a massive challenge for you individually and for this great
footy club.
Take up the challenge in trying to be the best footballer you can be.
Although I myself didn't start pre season training prior to the end of January, when
the club began in November last year I did expect more than a few players to turn up.
Unfortunately it didn't happen and that set the tone for the next few months. In fact,
even into the beginning of the season we still struggled for numbers and there is no
doubt that had a huge impact on the start of the season.
It was really difficult to create any team environment when we rarely had a team on
training nights. The early part of the season was spent pouring over team sheets
again and again and then ringing every guy and his nextdoor neighbour trying to get a
team on the field each Saturday.
Luckily, things started to change and more numbers were training and we started to
also have success on the field. This was in no small part due to the assistance of the
U18s who filled in whenever we needed them and improvements from within the
core group of the team.
As the season progressed, Friday afternoons became one of watching my phone as
the calls started coming in, then the inevitable shuffle to again get a team on the field.
Luckily by then we also had some of the older heads coming back to the club who
helped influence and support the younger guys within the side.
At the start of the season I had no unrealistic goals for the team, preferring to wait
and see how the season unfolded, however, the final results far exceeded my
expectations. The team gelled, operated as a single unit and we had a real shot at
finals. I honestly believe that had we beaten Olinda we would have been a force to
be reckoned with in the Grand Final.
In my first year as Reserves Coach, I have had great support from the Committee
especially Snelly, Silver and Brots but also a very dedicated support group. My
thanks go to Dick Krijt, my right hand man, Slimmo our great Team Manager, Shiny,
our ever present runner and the ever reliable Sam Badman as boundary umpire. Also
thanks to Ports and the seniors, Cheryl and the trainers, Peggy, Al Wood, Kev
Heywood and Bill Van Hoorn who would help out any time we needed them.
I am exceptionally proud of a great group of guys who have given me their all and
have provided the Club with a strong foundation for the 2011 season.
I would like to thank everyone that has been involved and given me the opportunity
to be a part of a fantastic Club.
I looked forward to the 2010 season beginning as we welcomed 14 new players from the
Under 16’s. Numbers were not great at pre-season training as cricket and basketball
seasons were impacting on our numbers. We had 24 players on our list, this seemed to be
an ideal number, however with 3 at Eastern Ranges, Grenda, O’Brien and Clifford maybe
our numbers were not as healthy as first thought. The practice matches were not kind to us
either as we received long term injuries to Kris O’Brien, James Dobbie-Hayward and Stan
Mills. Suddenly we were short of players. Derek (Burkey) did some good recruiting work
bringing Jake Schmidt and Aaron Holder to the club. Clement arrived from Canada and our
numbers were once again healthy.
Our first match was against Mt. Evelyn who had played in last years grand final. I knew
our players were very keen and had trained well but the sides change considerably every
season in the Unders. This match gave me a lot of confidence that our young team would be
competitive as we won a hard fought match by 5 points.
The following week I experienced the lows of coaching as we were thrashed by Monbulk
at home. This was a most embarrassing loss and one which I used as motivation throughout
the season. At the half way mark of the season we were 6 wins 3 losses, it was becoming
very clear that there was a big gap between the top 5 teams and the bottom 5 teams. I
thought this was a pass as we narrowly lost to both Olinda and Healesville. Pleasing for me
was Shaun Dinsdale at full-back and the improvement of Sean Paxton.
Our next four games were disappointing as our confidence deserted us and we lost to all the
other teams in the top 5. Our football had become very stop, start. We decided that from a
mark or free kick our player must handball, this forced everyone to run. Suddenly we
found our confidence and the last three matches of the home and away could tell we had
improved. Training was much sharper, no doubt joining the seniors was a significant factor
in this improvement.
Our first finals match was against Monbulk at Alexander. We (the coaching staff) put a lot
of effort into this match, I was very confident that we would win. This match as the
highlight of our season, we moved the ball well and played with a passion that had been
missing all season. We followed up the following week with a gutsy win over Gembrook
and our confidence was very high. The preliminary final, playing Healesville at Healesville,
could not be any tougher. We gave everything we had but were not good enough.
Finishing third was probably as good as could be expected.
I look forward to watching the young men that I have coached play in the future. I have
really enjoyed the last 2 years and leave with many good memories. Good luck to you all.
To Ian, Andrew and Committee thanks for your support. Thanks to Phil, Dick, Mat
Chamber and Kev for turning up every week to help. Special thanks to Craig, Bruce, Dave,
Graham and Paco for their time and efforts this year, it has made coaching much more
Another good year for our Netball teams in 2010 with the C Grade team only losing one
game for the season and ending on top of the League ladder and both the A and B Grades
finishing second.
A fantastic season by the C Grade team who brought home the only Premiership Cup to add
to the Club's collection.
After a great season, B grade unfortunately lost the Grand Final by just 2 goals and have
vowed to return next season and avenge that loss. A Grade also had a very successful
season although they lost the preliminary final by 7 goals.
Congratulations to Cassie Lynch our C Grade goal shooter for winning the League's leading
goal shooter in C Grade, Keira Rawlings 2nd in the League's A grade, Kara Salmon 3rd also
in A Grade and Monique Fage 3rd in B Grade. A fantastic achievement by all of these
A big thank you to two men from our club for their help every week of the season. Eric
Davison scored for each of the 3 games every week including finals and Ron Barr who took
on the role this year of Netball Trainer, such a huge bonus for the netballers who much
appreciated his attendance and care each week. It was also these two men who put up the
Bendigo bank tent most weeks and what a blessing that was on rainy days. They cannot
begin to realize the load they took away from the players and coaches and we all thank
them sincerely.
Early on Keira decided to relieve my workload and took on her first coaching role with the
C Grade team. Keira has played state league and had two years in state development,
therefore I was confident that she would be an asset to that team and would pass on her
valuable knowledge of the game through her coaching. I congratulate her on the
achievement of her team only losing one game throughout the season and winning the
It was quite obvious to all involved in the netball this season, that we were severely
hampered without having any team managers. However, Sandra Barr has put her hand up to
be Team Manager for B Grade next season and the club are in talks with others to fill other
vacancies. We are also looking at a full time coach for B Grade.
Season 2011 should once again be successful for us as there is already some indication we
have more young local females wishing to play with us next year.
I would like to thank all who contributed to the success of the netball this season, be you a
committee member, supporter, scorer, trainer, coach or player. Your support is valuable to
me and I appreciate all the help I receive.
Well, it’s certainly been an interesting year to say the least.
At the end of the 2009, the Veterans competition in 2010 was very much in
doubt to say the least due to the unsatisfactory behaviour between the two
grand finalist teams of that year. However with a concerted effort from the
veteran’s teams, their supporting clubs and the League applying some strict
conditions of conduct, we were given one last opportunity to play “In the
Spirit of the Game” otherwise the YVMDFL Veterans competition would be
dissolved once and for all.
The next greatest challenge was to source a coach and recruit players for the
up and coming season. This proved to be difficult on both fronts initially,
however, after exhausting all possible options to recruit a Coach, I myself, a
past Veterans Vice Capt & Captain stepped up to the plate to take on a
player coaching role.
Although there had been quite a few retirements in 2009, the playing list
grew quite quickly and extensively, with a number of past UTFC players
coming back after many years break and dragging a few mates along with
them, some of which had never played aerial ping pong before, as well as 1
or 2 retirees pulling the boots back on after suffering withdrawal symptoms.
Pre season came & went with the focus, dedication & determination as it
only could with the Vets. We started doing the 1000 steps, but that was too
much like hard work, so a bit of a kick end to end, then the BBQ, the beer
and boasting of the season to come was more our forte.
The League draw was posted and the coach couldn’t believe his luck. 8
games in total, 5 of them at home and only to play Croydon Nth, our arch
nemesis once for the year, what a dream run!!!
In consultation with the teams and the League, it was decided that our
season opener (all 3 games) would be played at Marysville on the same day,
to support the local community in their recovery of the recent bushfires.
Dave Stirling, a past Upwey player accepted our invitation to toss the coin
for our game, of which we won both the toss and the game. Good work
Dave and a sign of things to come. A good day had by all and we would
like to thank Marysville for their hospitality on the day.
Without going in to too much detail (blow for blow) the season was a great
success, quite different from the outlook at the beginning of the year
• We won 6 of the 8 home and away games.
• We won the first 5 games straight, loosing rounds 6 & 7.
• Lost to Croydon Nth in round 7 by 36 points. A respectable loss
considering Croydon Nth’s average winning game score at that
point was 125 points.
• The teams first Semi played in approx 5yrs and amazingly hosted at
• Paul Read, playing aussie rules for the first time in his life, kicked
his first goal in his first game.
• Fred Neid, kicked his first goal after playing Veterans for 15 years.
• Peter Lane continued to play Veterans at the age of 54 yrs, or
possibly older but he won’t tell us. (Gayle said she knows for a fact
he is around 58.)
• Club B & F winners were 1 – Greg Paxton, 2 – Ian Paterson, 3 –
Jason Beamsley.
• League B & F was our very own Greg Paxton.
• League Top 5 highest goal kicker – our very own Ian Paterson.
• Another successful Veterans Annual Trivia Night fundraiser.
A fantastic effort considering that average player age was 39, guy’s had
either not played the game before or had never played as a team collectively
and only trained once a week. So, those of you thinking about next season,
you never too old to enjoy success!!
Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone who supported me both on
and off the field this year in their various roles, the player’s and their
families, the UTFNC, fellow team members and supporters. None of which
could have been achieved without you.

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On behalf of the whole club, we wish you both all the best for an exciting 2019 season. Go Tigers!

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