UTFNC-Code of Conduct


All people involved in the Club have a right to participate in a healthy, supportive and safe environment. Everyone involved with UTFNC plays their part in creating this environment, which will continue to attract people to participate in various aspects of Club life.
This Code sets standards of conduct and behaviour for all participants, and also reflects how we would all like to be treated by others; that is, fairly, equally and with respect and dignity. Everyone who claims an association with the Club respects the rights, dignity and worth of others.


Set the example by role modelling integrity and fairness.
They are to be consistent, objective and courteous when making decisions.
Condemn unsporting behaviour and promote fair play and respect for all members of opposing clubs.
Do not tolerate behaviour that may incite players and spectators against any on-field official, or a heated public display of displeasure.
Compliment and encourage players and participants in all club activities.
Emphasise the spirit of the game rather than concentrate on negatives.
Accept individual and collective responsibility for the Club's performance


Play by and adhere to the rules - value fair play, safety and the welfare of all involved, above personal prestige and gain.
Treat all participants as they would like to be treated.
Co-operate with coaches and team mates to achieve team and club goals.
Acknowledge the opposition - without them there would be no competition.
Accept the authority of umpires and game officials (they don't change their mind) and get on with the game


Ensure that the time spent with players is a positive experience.
Display control, professionalism and respect towards all involved with the game.
Operate within the rules and spirit of the game, teaching players to do the same.
Are demanding but reasonable on player's time, energy and enthusiasm.
Treat each person as an individual - all players deserve attention and opportunity.
Accept the authority of umpires and game officials (they don't change their mind) and get on with the game
Do not tolerate behaviour that may incite players and spectators against any on-field official.
Ensure that all equipment, facilities and training practices meet safety standards.
Obtain appropriate qualifications and keep up with the latest coaching practices and rules of the sport.


Respect the decision of officials/umpires and encourage players to do so. Spirited support does not extend to the use of foul language, or the sledging or harassment of officials, players or coaches.
Acknowledge good performances and efforts from all individuals and the team - encourage all players on their performance regardless of the outcome.
Condemn the use of violence in any form, whether it is by other spectators, coaches, officials or players.
Show respect for the opposition - without them there would be no game.
Support. Don't assume that coming to our games includes the right to make slanderous, rude and personal remarks to opposition players, supporters, officials or anyone else!
Encourage all players to follow the rules and official's decisions.

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***The committee and coaching panel of our great club are proud and excited to announce the appointments of David Bell as Senior Playing Coach and Brad Neil as Assistant Coach for the 2019 season.
Their football knowledge, drive, enthusiasm and belief in the direction of both the football and UTFNC as a whole were telling factors in the decision to appoint these two outstanding candidates.
On behalf of the whole club, we wish you both all the best for an exciting 2019 season. Go Tigers!

***All Archives,Player Statistics and Full Best and Fairest Votes are now complete as at end of Season 2018 and can be accessed from the top menu Bar

***We are pleased to announce that Craig Waters has been elected as Club President for season 2019



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