The Meaning of Number 57

The meaning of number 57 at UTF & NC-Michael Van Den Akker

In December 2008, a wonderful young player and member of our Club was killed in a tragic accident, which shocked and saddened the entire local community more than anything before. Alcohol and driving were significant contributing factors in the tragedy.

In consultation and with the full support of Michael Van Den Akker's family, the Club has set aside his guernsey number 57 for several years, as a mark of respect to Michael.

Again with the full support of his family, the Club has had the number 57 designed into an emblem and emblazoned all football jumpers and netball uniforms with an aim to make all involved with our club conscious of how poor decision making can have the most tragic of results, and to provide us all with a regular reminder of alternatives available should any of us find our club mates or friends in a situation where they should stop and think before either driving or getting into a car which is to be driven by a person who should not be driving

-  it only takes 57 seconds to call a family member or friend

- it costs less than 57 cents to call a taxi or get a train

- it takes less than 57 seconds to make a very bad decision which can have the most tragic of consequences


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***Well our new facility is now open and has been officially named the Andrew Peterson Pavillion to acknowledge the huge amount of work that he and his crew put in WELL DONE SILVER



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