YLT-Your Local Telecom

Official Designation: Telecommunications

TollFree: 1300 769 643
Phone: 1300 769 643
Web Site:
Address: 32 Parkhurst Drive Knoxfield, VIC 3180
Description of Sponsorship

Ring Craig Kenny for a great phone deal for your internet,
mobile,home or business. Our Club benefits by way of a 2% rebate of
total spend, and we are now receiving terrific monthly rebate cheques.
YLT has no contacts, so you are not locked in for years and years as
with Telstra, Optus etc. But most importantly, their rates are
fantastic! For an example, another of our Sponsors, 12 Celsius
Wines, switched their business to YLT in Oct 2006. Their bill from
Telstra for Dec 2005 was $676 - their bill from YLT for Dec 2006 was
$322! Their bill for Jan 06 was $584 - their bill for Jan 2007 was
$259! Both those months show a 50% plus reduction! RING CRAIG NOW -

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***Well our new facility is now open and has been officially named the Andrew Peterson Pavillion to acknowledge the huge amount of work that he and his crew put in WELL DONE SILVER



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