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About Us

Our roots

Hi I’m Joe Cannatelli. I started J.C.’s Quality Foods in 1994. My family have been fruit merchants for generations, so I understand the fruit and fresh produce business well.
I always enjoy talking to store owners, to get feedback and keep up to date.

Early days

I started the business by selling fruit and nuts to fruiterers from my van in Melbourne. We have grown since then by working to add exciting new products to our range. Our objective is to promote healthy fruit and nut products which sell-through well.

Australia wide

Since the early days we have enjoyed strong growth, as more and more customers come on board. Recently improved larger warehousing and distribution facilities help us supply Australia-wide demand. We ship J.C.’s products around the nation, by road, rail and boat. Our warehouse is buzzing with deliveries to retailers all over Australia.




We recognise the loyalty and support from our valued local retail storeowners.
Many of our customers have developed their nut, dried fruit, and support business through skilful merchandising, and astute range selection.
Check out this outstanding effort from one of our customers. What a great job!


Putting something back

Official Designation: Quality Foods

Phone: 9764 0517
Fax: 9764 0527

Web Site: www.jcsqualityfoods.com.au
Address: 63 Rushdale Street Knoxfield, VIC 3180

Description of Sponsorship

Supplying quality foods to Independent Grocers

Individual Contact Information

Name: Joe Cannatelli
Phone: 9764 0517
Fax: 9764 0527

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***Well our new facility is now open and has been officially named the Andrew Peterson Pavillion to acknowledge the huge amount of work that he and his crew put in WELL DONE SILVER



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