SMG Charter

Olinda Ferny Creek Football Netball Club

Sports Management Group


2015 Sports Management Group Members


  GRANT FAULL (CHAIR) 0429 361 409



Guidelines 2015

To create and maintain a structure that is responsible for the creation of achievable & sustainable plans for both on & off field success in both the long & short term. Moreover the OFCFNC Sports Management Group is to manage the immediate day to day running of player mentoring & management through and with the appointed coaches.


Key Responsibilities & Authority

(1)   Recruitment & appointment of all Football & Netball coaches.

(2)  To liaise with the Olinda Ferny Creek Junior Football Club & the Sassafras Ferny Creek Netball Club regarding the development of younger players as well as their smooth integration into senior ranks.

(3)  To clearly & regularly communicate the short & long term plans for the club to the coaches to ensure they both understand & implement them in an appropriate way. These plans also need to be communicated to players & supporters in a way that engenders their enthusiastic agreement & ownership.

(4)  The management of all aspects of coaches, trainers & player recruitment, maintenance, mentoring & development.

(5)  To manage team selection processes

(6)  To ensure that succession planning is in place for the ready replacement of any or all Sports Management Group members at short notice.



The Sports Management Group reports plans & progress to the OFCFNC General Committee on a regular basis but is given full authority to proceed with the above guidelines.





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