History of Club Colour's & Jumper Description

Based on Newspaper Accounts

1888 - 1892     BLUE & WHITE

The uniform was a Blue Guernsey with White Sash, Blue pants with Blue and White stockings. A cap with a star embossed on the front was also part of the uniform.

1893 - 1895       BLACK & YELLOW

There is an old Black and white photo which appears to have some players what could be like Richmond (circa 1910) Apparently a photo was taken on 8th. June 1895 of the healesville team. If this photo exists it would show what type of jumper was worn.

1896 - 1898       BLUE & WHITE

Mr H. Christie moved at a Committee meeting in 1896 that the Club colours be Blue and White.

1899 - 1900       RED & BLUE

Healesville and Coranderrk combined in 1899 and were referred to as the Healesville Wanderers until 1900

1901 - 1904        BLUE & WHITE

Healesville were the Henry Trophy winners in 1901

1904 - 1908        BLUE & WHITE

Healesville colours continued to be Blue and White through out this era.

1909                   BLUE & WHITE

Blue Guernsey, White stripes, Blue Knickers and Red and White stockings?

1910                  There was no mention of colours this year. Healesville fielded an Under 23 team. Len Phillips was Captain.

1911                  BLUE & WHITE

The President at the time Mr. G.Potter moved that the colours be Blue Guernsey with White Vertical stripes, Blue knickers, Blue and white stockings. The jumper was also laced up.

1912 - 1915      MAROON

The Healesville club has received it's order for a set of Uniforms, Maroon guernseys and stockings with white knickers. The Gaurdian 24/5/1912

1919                  RED, WHITE ,BLUE 

Healesville club colours were described as Red White and Blue.

1920                  MAROON & WHITE

Colours for this season were Maroon jumper with a White hoop

1921 - 22 - 23  RED & WHITE

The Red jumper with White hoops remained over these years, and continued right up until 1946

1946 - 2014      RED & WHITE V

In 1946 we changed to the Red jumper with the White V, and this has remained up to 2014

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