MEMORABILIA "A Walk Down Memory Lane"



Badger Creek Football Club












Loggers verses Truckies Match 








1985  Highest Recorded score

By HFC Team







Old Clubrooms

Ray Donkin (Coach) Circa 62



Taken Early 60's

Wally Mckenzie, Roger Vaughan, Norm Hibbert

& Colin Stevens





Boys Club Presentation Night

Late 50's






Jim Wandin (Apollo Bay F/C) 1961 - 1967





 Healesville Football Team 1911








Ladies Season Ticket 1959

Games Printed on Reverse side






Ladies Ticket 1961

Book style with games printed inside




This is the song that Fred Hunters son Cyril

sung during the footy (Date unknown)








 A Great Healesville Man










Bloods 8000 Club in 1993

( A lot of money back then)






1985 Presentation Night Ticket








1985 Vote Count ticket












1953 Grand Final Programe

Cost Sixpence or 5 cents in todays currancy








1977 Membership Ticket






1965 Membership Ticket






Centenary Ball Celebrating 100 years

1888 - 1988









1992 Membership Ticket







Last Man Standing Ticket 1998











Last Man Standing Ticket 2013










2009 Presentation Night Menue

Held at the Memorial Hall









Healesville Man, Rod Mills

Head of YVMDFL 1969








HFC Constitution Rules Book

Printed by ET Print

Early 50's






1986 Sportsmans Night. Guests were

Peter Cameron (VFL Umpire) Ted Whitten

& Crackers Keenan






Presentation Night Ticket 1987






HFC Committee Minutes Book 1946 -1948

Donated By Bonnie Duff / Lyn Racine

in 1988









An Extract from the Minutes of  2/5/1946









Healesville FootballClub

Fred Hunter

Note the Laced Jumper









Tribute to a Real Gentleman

From the HFC.







Healesville Football Team Approx. 1906

Donated By Bob Dennehy in 1985







Healesville Boy's Club 1965






Healesville Football Function

Date and Names Unknown






Mr Graham Hill presenting Billie

with her Life Govenorship certificate





Healesville U16's in 1968

Runners up that year





Seniors Interleague Team 1950's

Donated by E. Andrews





Reserves Interleague Team 1950's

Donated by E.Andrews







Committee Healesville Football Club 1962

Donated by W. Plozza 1986





1994 Healesville v Gembrook

Andrew Reed, Mark Adams

Steven Hutson, Len Clark






Membership Card







Membership Card







Membership card







Membership Card







Membership Card








Membership Card







First of the plastic

Membership Cards






Presentation Invitation








Presentation Invitation






1957    2nd. 18's  Grand Final

Healesville v Lilydale

Signed by the players







1957 Grand Final

Players Names







Interleague Team






1961 Interleague Team  Healesville Players

No.7   G. Meade

No.8    N. White

No.12   R. Thomas

No. 19  R. McKenzie

 No. 20  W. Mumford







Mark Adams & Andrew Reed






Centenary Team

1964 Premiers

Donated by Mrs Chater






HFC Late 30's

Photo donated by Joyce Tope (Taber)






HFC After 1945 Jumpers changed to V

Photo donated by Joyce Tope (Taber)




2003 Sponsor's Pass






1961 Healesville Fixture

Note some of the teams we played







1967 Healesville Fixture








1966 Healesville Fixture






Terminus Hotel

Dinner for 2 Award Mid 80's





Reserve's Match Payments








YVMDFL Permit to Play Form






In 1937 HFC Colours  were

Red with a white hoop














Committee Meeting Minutes Extract

3 Dances Total profit

34 Pounds 9 shillings and 11 pence

(Pretty Impressive)






Wedding Invitation

Held at Le pines Funeral Palour




Players Drink Card

Date Unknown






Grand Final Night







Grand Final Night Disco

Date Unknown






YVMDFL Official Pass

2nd. Semi, Date Unknown







Sportsmans Night

Queens Park







Last Man Standing Ticket








Article from Guardian 1946





Article from 1930, Treasurer Lindupp

writing to the Guardian for Support

of the club






Advert from 1939

Dances at Memorial Hall & the Palais







1939 Ad for Euchre Party

& Dance at the Palais








1899 Reformation of

Healesville Football club







1899 Reformation Continued

Are these people your relatives?









Annual General meeting of

Healesville Football Club 1894







Preliminary Final 1955

Yarraburn v Healesville







Opening Match in 1956








1945 Premiership Dinner








Irvine Trophy Competition










End of year results

Irvine Trophy Competition






Lilydale Football Club deemed

Bad Sportsman re-

The Healesville Hotel Trophy






A disheartend Supporter places Ad

in the Healesville Guardian 1895









Healesville Supporter placed a poem in the

Healesville & Yarra Glen Guardian







Could this be a relative of ex- President

Greg Hay?





Dwyer trophy

Reported in the Herald






A Grand Ball to finnish the year








Healesville defeats team from

Brunswick Association







Meeting to form Badger Creek F/C

to compete in Competition







We played for the Stevens Trophy








Start of Junior Football

Trophy supplied by Yering









The Guardian Trophy

For best player in the association








George Potter

Longest serving member of HFC at that time







Presentation & Dinner Night






Ad for the Grand Hotel

Note: Telephone Number . 3








Ad for New Footy Boots

From local supplier








Yarra Valley Football resumes

After end of World War 2







Healesville v Lilydale

Grand Final






Healesville Premiership Ball






In 1895

They played for the P A Burt Trophy







One of our Esteem Gentleman

in a spot of trouble

Mr Lindupp was fined 2 pounds






Healesville joins Valley Boys Club






Best & Fairest

William Valentine Trophy

Jim Wandin Healesville








Healesville was the only Country Club

to play

The Union Jack Football Club







Healesville no push overs

when they played

"Cooks Excursionists"









Grand Variety Show

Under the auspice of the HFC






Marysville Centenary Medal

Given to the winning team, Healesville 

and Presented to W E Wandin

(Medal kindly Loaned by Barb Handley)






Mountain Views August 24th. 1982

Bill Gordon & Perry Wandin

Celebrating 100 Games







The Guardian

George Cummings who was the

oldest Healesville player at the time





The Guardian

Two of the Greatest Healesville Players

George Potter & George Cummings

The Guardian Medal voted by the Supporters





Medal Presentation

Note: even a Medal for Lionel Saunders

for selling 58 Memberships







T. Lalor

Leader Associated, Player of the Year







1920 Premiership Medallion

Recipient- J.Chandler

Donated By Tom Chandler








Runners Up Medal from YVMDFL





Early 1950's

Committee & Membership Badge








Tie & Badge

Donated by Clive Allen







Members Ticket No.37

Bert Harrison






Centenary Badge

Only 200 made







Life Members Badge









Membership Badge

Donated by Rob Gray








Tom (Changa) Chandler

Sharing his 300th. Game

With the Future of HFC





2014 HFNC

Sportsmans Night






1937 HFC

Best Clubman Award

Wally Brown








150 Year Celebrations Heritage Jumper

Combining Healesville/Coranderrk








Senior Team Manager Geoff Franklin

At the Olinda ground








Life Members attending Geoff Franklin's

Life membership Lunceon






2013 2nd. Division

Senior Premiership side






Premiership Ball Invitation







  Healesville Guardian May 9th. 1900

The degeneration of Cricket and Football in Healesville.

Sir, I think the time is now oppotune for the publication of a few comments on the above subject. First of all i would like to ask how can it be explained! It must be almost uncomprehensible to an outsider. It cannot be from dearth of suitable material, for are there not plenty of young men and youths in Healesville,or it's vicinity, who have in them the makings of first rate cricketers and footballers! Now is it not natural for the average youth to enter into these sports with zest. If this is so and i donot think anyone will deny it, how can you account for the total lack of enthusiasum displayed by the youths of this township. You have not very far to go to find an explanation as to the death of the HCC. For it is dead; though it did play a match lately, it was but a spasmodic effort before final dissolution. I have now come to the main point of my letter, the Football Club. Can anyone explain why there is not more life in it, I cannott. It seems incrediable. It seems inexplicable; at any rate I will leave it to someone else to explain. Are we going to have a football club this winter! Surely football is not dead too. Where are the office bearers of last season. Are they going to allow the winter to go by without making an effort to resussatate the club! Surely the blight of a premature old age has not fallen upon the young men and youths of this district. Are they going to let the season go by without an effort to to set the ball rolling! It is to be hoped not. It only requires a small effort on the part of the young men allowed to make things hum again. I think there will still be a few gentleman in Healesville who, if not on active service are still in the reserves, who would be willing to help the club along with ther advice and assistance. I have heard someone say "What is the good of having a team, we haven't got a possible chance against so and so. Can anyone say this and call themselves Sports fans, it makes me sick. It is just like two children playing at some game or other. One happens to win and the other crys and says "I won't play; you won't let me win". If you were certain of beating a team, what sport would there be in playing it. It is the uncertainty of the game that provides the sport. Even if we have no chance against some of the district teams this year, will the fact of our not playing this year give us a better chance next year. Winning or loing should only be a secondary consideration. "Play the game for the games sake" Hoping the some abler pen than mine will take this matter up and carry it through to a successful issue.

Yours eta


It appears not a lot has changed over a 100 odd years as clubs always struggle to be successful. The success of the club comes from players, supporters, the Committee and Town's people. I think we are travelling pretty well considering todays challenges. I.M 2014






















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