Code of Conduct




The Healesville Football Netball Club (HFNC) has developed a code of conduct to promote and encourage a safe social and sporting environment for all members of the community. The code of conduct encompasses all those involved with the HFNC including officials, players and their families, supporters and spectators. It is essential that all members adhere to this code at all times. The code has been introduced by the committee of the HFNC and there are no exclusions to the following guidelines. It has been designed to protect its’ members, the wider community and the reputation of the HFNC. The code encourages good sportsmanship to be displayed on and off the football field/netball court at all times.


 The following values underpin the code of conduct:

 Respect-  Respect must be shown to all club officials, members, patrons and the general public. Recognise and value the contribution of all our volunteers.

 Courtesy – Be considerate of fellow members and your surroundings.

 Discipline – Be in control of your actions. All members must display maturity and demonstrate acceptable social behaviour whilst at the club, in local venues and within the wider community.

 Equality – Treat all people as you would like to be treated. Do not use remarks or judge people by their gender, race, religion or ability.

 Team RulesBe a team player and look after your mates.



 The Code of conduct shall adhere to the following guidelines:

1.         No member, official, player or supporter shall engage in unsociable behaviour or conduct unbecoming or prejudicial to the interests of the club at any event/venue in which the HFNC is involved.

This includes the following:

a) Any function held at the Don Rd complex

b) Any function held at a sponsor’s venue

c) Any other club event held away from the clubs premises

d) Any venue or function when representing the HFNC


2.         All members, officials, players and supporters shall abide by the following:

a) Respect others and members of the wider community at all times

b) Not engage or encourage the use of banned or illicit substances

c) Not use abusive or offensive language in public

d) Not verbally or physically, racially or sexually abuse or threaten any person

e) Respect all club facilities and sponsors facilities

f) Use or purchase alcohol in accordance with the Liquor Licensing laws


3.         All members will receive a copy of this policy when they become a paid/financial member of the club. Once a paid member that member agrees to this code of conduct policy.


4.         Any conduct in breach of this code may result in disciplinary action or expulsion from the club upon recommendation of the Disciplinary Committee.


5.         The Disciplinary committee shall consist of the Executive, a Coach, the Football Manager/Netball Manager and one invited independent community member, i.e. police person, school principal, etc.


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