Harold Ramage

Career Games - 382

A Legend of the GCFC.

Unfortunately we currently have no records prior to 1954.

1958 - Best & Fairest Award
1960 - 148 games and Best & Fairest
1962 - Life Membership
1963 - 200th Game
1969 - Harold played his 300th game & became President of the Gembrook Football Club until 1983.
1977 - 382 Games, Well Done !

1999 - 31st July, was accepted into the YVMDFL's Hall of Fame !

Harold's Football and Committee administration achievements.

Harold (or "H" as he is affectionately known) began his illustrious career with the Brooker's in 1945. When the GFC was reformed following the war, a keen 13 year old by the name of Ramage began running the boundary for the club, patiently awaiting the day he was old enough to represent the club as a player. Even from this inauspicious beginning, Harold played the boundary umpire role in the finals series held at Gembrook the atmosphere obviously had an influence on him in those early days.

He only had to wait until 1947. When as a 15 year old, he pulled on the Gembrook jumper for the first time which lead to a career spanning 27 years and 378 Senior games.

He played in Gembrook's winning Premiership team of 1962 (their first!), and the 1965 win. He was a member of their losing Grand Final teams of 1963 and 64. He was predominantly a centre player in his early days, later in his career, he was switched to a half back flank.

During his time, Harold believes Dave Donaldson was Gembrook's best coach, and Dave along with Allan Woodbridge their best players. He rated opponents Alan Dale (Belgrave Coach) and John Quinn as the best.

Upon retirement from playing, Harold became involved with the GFC committee, initially on the General Committee, escalating to Treasurer, then finally to the Presidency, a position he held for 13 years! Harold then took on his next challenge, leaving his beloved club to join League ranks, where he eventually became Vice President. then ultimately as President.

Harold was made a Life Member at Gembrook FC, and has the honour of having the League's Best & Fairest Award named after him.

Harold is married to Cath, and his three sons, David, Geoff and Tim have all pulled on the green jumper to represent the Gembrook FC, leaving his daughter as the only offspring not to have had a run.

These days, Harold is retired, and spends his time training horses and dabbling in carpentry.

Harold Ramage, you are another character worthy of a Hall Of Fame Nomination, a true legend of the Yarra Valley.