1962 Seniors

Gembrook Football Club
Seniors - Premiers 1962

Gembrook 16-13-109 Def UFTG 12-18-90

Grand final - September 8


Upper Ferntree Gully v Gembrook


at Monbulk

1962 Premiership Team First 18 







Gembrook used their pace and superior teamwork to outclass Upper Ferntree Gully and win the club’s first premiership in front of a partisan crowd of 2750 at Monbulk.


 The weather forecast for the big day was for a cool to cold day with scattered showers and a fresh south-westerly wind gradually moderating, and a maximum city temperature of 58° (14°C).


 John Mahoney soon had Gembrook on the board with an early goal, and then John Oke was paid a free kick, but missed. Frank Lowrie kicked truly for Upper Gully’s first goal.


 Dave Donaldson’s shot hit the post, then Ian Kilpatrick goaled from a free kick to put the Bluebirds in front. Don Barton added another for Upper Gully, but Gembrook’s Mahoney was paid a free kick downfield and kicked an easy goal after umpire Rowe paid him a 20 yard penalty after some backchat from the Upper Gully defenders. Each team added a further goal late in the first quarter, and the Bluebirds went into the first break with a narrow lead:


 Upper Ferntree Gully 4.4


Gembrook 3.5


 Oke’s snapshot put Gembrook in front early in the second quarter, and then Frank Lowrie hit the post to level the scores. Dick Cannon, of Gembrook, also hit the post, before Don Barton put Upper Gully back in front when he marked and played on for a goal. Dave Donaldson replied for Gembrook, and ‘Butch’ Reid cleared an Upper Gully attack. The Bluebirds persisted, and Alan Kilpatrick roved the pack and goaled. Ian Kilpatrick marked and put Upper Gully further in front. With the game at a critical stage, Ian Kilpatrick again marked and passed to Alan Kilpatrick. Umpire Rowe found a free kick against Lowrie, and Gembrook were able to clear. The ‘Brooks got the ball to Mahoney, whose goal reduced the deficit to 9 points. A string of passes ended with John Munday (who had been selected to play in both firsts and seconds grand finals over the weekend). Munday kicked a goal, but Upper Gully replied when Ian Kilpatrick marked right in front of goal. Kilpatrick marked again just before the end, but kicked a behind:


 Upper Ferntree Gully 8.10


Gembrook 7.6


 This was the premiership quarter, when Gembrook were able to wrest the lead from Upper Ferntree Gully. Bryce opened the scoring with a behind for Gembrook. Don Barton hit the post for Upper Gully, and Gembrook then added three behinds through Mahoney, Bryce and Worrell. Ken Tyler put Upper Gully further in front when he kicked truly, but Gembrook then steadied with goals from Mahoney and Oke. Upper Ferntree Gully went forward for two behinds to Ian Kilpatrick and one behind to Alan Kilpatrick to make the margin 4 points. Gembrook hit the front right at the end of the quarter when John Quinn goaled:


 Gembrook 10.10


Upper Ferntree Gully 9.14


 ‘Go on and win and the whole Hills will rejoice!’ declared Dave Donaldson to his men at three quarter time.


 Ian Kilpatrick kicked a behind to open the scoring in the last quarter and reduce the margin to a point. Gembrook went forward and scored a behind, and were then paid a free kick when the ball wasn’t touched from the kick-out. John Quinn gained possession and kicked a goal to extend the margin to 8 points. Mahoney passed to John Quinn, who took a spectacular fingertip mark. Quinn went down with cramp (as he had in the semi final), but this time recovered quickly and goaled. Gembrook had all the momentum and the crowd was now in full voice, as umpire Rowe paid the ‘Brooks another free and Quinn kicked for Donaldson, but the ball went over the pack and out of bounds. Upper Gully went into attack, but Bob Kilpatrick could only manage a behind. Gembrook were unstoppable now, and John Oke played on and snapped another goal. Upper Gully went into attack, with Don Barton kicking another behind. Gembrook worked the ball the length of the ground with a string of passes that ended in Oke, who again goaled. Upper Ferntree Gully kept persisting, and Lowrie kicked off the ground to find Don Barton, who goaled. With time starting to run out, the game suddenly tightened up when Kilpatrick kicked two quick goals to reduce the margin to 7 points. Frank Lowrie drove the ball to Kilpatrick once more, but ‘Chick’ Henderson saved the day. Henderson passed to Quinn, who found Mahoney. Mahoney kicked to Dave Donaldson, who booted a goal to make the difference 13 points, with less than two minutes to go. Gembrook went forward one last time, and Mahoney marked as the siren sounded. Mahoney goaled as the crowd rushed onto the ground, and Gembrook had won the premiership.


 Final scores:


 Gembrook 16.13 (109)


Upper Ferntree Gully 12.18 (90)


 Best players: Keith Hosking, John Quinn, John Oke, John Mahoney, Dave Donaldson.


 Keith Hosking was voted best player on the ground by the umpires and was awarded the match ball by Cr. Dalziell in recognition of his efforts. John Quinn played magnificently all day to be a close second behind Hosking. Dave Donaldson was inspirational in a true captain’s game. John Mahoney played an excellent forward’s game to make the most of his opportunities. ‘Butch’ Reid and ‘Chick’ Henderson were the best of the defenders, with Reid showing great dash and determination, despite being in the twilight of his career. Bob Estcourt played well in the ruck, John Oke had a good game as a rover, and Harold Ramage was again in good form in the centre.


 Don Saunders and Stuart Hosking were unlucky to miss the grand final through injury.



Compiled by J S Lawton.