Club History



Emerald Club was one of the earlier Clubs in the Mountain District Football Association, as it was named, when first formed in 1905. In 1967, it became known as the Yarra Valley Mountain District Football League. During its long and colorful history it has produced many outstanding players and administrators who began, and maintained, great standards and traditions.

At Emerald the recruiting of players for our junior and senior sides is most important, particularly the junior sides, as these players are the hope for the future.

One of the great strengths of the Club has been the calibre of players and committee persons from the early twenties up until the present. The Club is renowned for the strength of its administration and never say die spirit of players and supporters alike. THE EMERALD TRADITION

This Club spirit and tradition just does not happen, they are born on the formation of the Club, and all past and present members and supporters should be very proud of its foundation President and Committee who laid these foundations so many years ago. This undoubtedly was achieved from hard work, commanding respect, good behaviour, and total commitment, thus creating a Football Club that is held in high esteem.

It is up to our current members and supporters to see that this legacy continues in the future. Emerald's tradition is striving to win, refusing to accept defeat, being of good conduct on, and off, the field.

Another important part of our tradition is our Club colours. Initially our colours were blue and white, followed by green and gold, until what we have to-day, red and black. In the mid twenties we were nick named the ‘EMITES’, the thirties the ‘REDLEGS’, and later the "BOMBERS."