Netball history

 2018- Another successful year in Division 1! 2018 saw us back in division 1 and playing the top teams. The competition was strong and we worked very hard on and off the court to bring it to all the clubs. We had 3 out of the 4 teams make finals, with the D grade just missing out. A fantastic effort to our A grade team for making the grand final, unfortunately going down to Olinda in a great fought out game.

2017 – This year was another very successful netball season with A and B grade progressing through their seasons undefeated, C grade having only one loss very early on in the season, and D grade with only a few losses. Finals time saw all four grades progress through to reach the grand final. However, only A grade were able to walk away with the win after very narrow losses from C and D grade and with B grade only losing by 1 goal. Lauren Bennett and Amee Williams had outstanding seasons with both winning the League Best and Fairest and League Shooting Award in their respective grades. Naomi Hargreaves and Emily Bourke also had excellent seasons with both players winning the League Best and Fairest Award in their respective grades. 2017 also saw Lauren Bennett, Angela Jeffrey, Petra Keough, and Jen Dewhurst named in the Division 2 Team of the Year with Carmen Timms named as coach. Thank you to the coaches, Carmen Timms, Jen Dewhurst, Linda Clarke, and Monique Latorre, for another great season.  

2016- Another successful netball season in Division 1 with the A, C and D grades all making finals. The D grade made it to the Prelim finals and played very consistent netball all season. Congrats to Danielle Weisgberber who won the D Grade League B and F. The C Grade was yet again very consistent and well-bonded team making it to the elimination final. The  B Grade was very inconsistent on court but gelled together and enjoyed playing with each other. The A grade had alot of new players to the club but that didnt stop them from being very competitive making it to the semi-final. Thank you to this years coaches, Carmen Timms, Kristen Robinson and Karin Read. 

2015-The 2015 season was another success for the club. A grade has a challenging season due to loosing 4 premiership players from the previous season. B grade saw a massive improvement as the team clicked together and only missed out on finals by percentage. Jessica Weisgerber had an outstanding season, being equal winner of the league goal shooting award. C Grade qualified for finals after a consistent season, but lost in double overtime in the second week of finals. Naomi Hargreaves was awarded equal winner of the league best and fairest. D Grade’s season was inconsistent with many very close loses. Thank you to the coaches, Carmen Timms, Kristen Robinson and Kara Salmon for another competitive and successful season.

2014- The 2014 season saw our first netball premiership, when the A Grade netball girls beat Wandin in a thrilling grand final to claim the premiership cup. Carmen Timms’ best on court performance secured the win against the team who finished in top spot of the home and away ladder. The a-reserve team had only one win for the season, but as the team bonded and improved their skills, next year is looking very promising. The B grade team had a good year, just missing out on the finals. The B reserve team made it to the first week of the finals in a very successful year once again. Despite a number of injuries and many changes to the team, the girls improved out of sight and worked as a team the whole year. Well done to all the ladies in all four grades for another great and consistent year and a big thank you to Angela Jeffery for the two years she has coached and the success she has bought to the club.

 2013- Saw the introduction of a 4th Netball side and two new coaches. Angela Jeffery (Head Coach) lead by example and did a fantastic job coaching the A and A reserve sides. Jenny Jois coached the B and B Reserve teams and worked hard helping players to improve their skills. Both coaches got to enjoy the finals experience with our A and B grade teams making finals. A huge congratulations to our A grade side for making the grand final - lets go one step further in 2014! Congratulations must also go to Danielle Weisgerber who was Belgrave's first winner of a League Best and Fairest award in B grade and to Lauren Bennett forcoming Runners Up in A grade. 2013 was a positive and enjoyable year and we look forward to 2014 with anticipation.

2012 - Well 2012 was a great year for the BFC and our netballers also enjoyed a successful season. Lead by PENNY FORREST who did a magnificent job in coaching all 3 teams, each of our sides made the finals. Two of them made it to the Prelim Final and all our teams were unlucky in narrow defeats by a total of 4 goals. 2013 will bring new challanges as we face teams in Div 1, but i'm sure with our girls teaming well they will all do fine.

2011 - Netball continues to gain momentum at the BFC. This year saw the introduction of a third Netball side which competed in C Grade. The girls in that side played very well and became our first ever Netball team to compete in a finals series. In 2011 we also saw some new coaches at the BFC, Donna Marcus and Kara Salmon, both these ladies (with the assistance of Amy Kiker - C Grade) did a wonderful job all year and we look forward to Netball becoming a greater part of this club in 2012.

2010 - Was our first year with two teams. Unfortunatly we were a little off the still level and experience of the higher grades but still managed a couple of wins :) Thanks to Sue Davey for two years of hard work as coach of the sides.

2009 - Saw the welcome re-introduction of Netball to the Belgrave Football Club. The girls struggled early on but clicked beautifully later in the season and only just missed out on finals.

2008 & 2007 - No Netball.

2006 - Our First season with a Netball team. Unfortunatly the ladies didn't win to many but i'm told they had fun. Kira Ambry was our clubs first Netball B&F.