This club has a rich family history and like many small town football and netball clubs, has been the glue which brings its community and people together. The club takes in communities of Eildon, Thornton, Taggerty, Buxton, Narbethong and Marysville.


History of TEDFNC

Starting as Thornton Football Club (TFC) in 1920, the club participated in the Alexandra and Yea Football Association before the Alexandra District Football Association was formed in 1923.

The club then joined the Upper Goulburn Football Association in 1928 where it stayed until 1934 before moving over to Mansfeild and Alexandra Football Association untill recess during World War II.



The TFV joined the Upper Goulburn Footyball League in 1945 and won premierships in 1947 and 1948 before merging to become Thornton-Acheron Valley Football Club (T-AVFC) and participating in the very stron Waranga North East Football League. 

In 1961 the T-AVFC then merged with Eildon Football Club to become what it is still know today - The Thornton Eildon District Football Club. The seniors won a Premiership this year under the guidence of playing coach and former Melbourne Indigenous player, Eddie Jackson.

In 1971 the club was struggling for numbers and went into recess. Yet in 1972 the club was up and running again and in 1977, the club joined the Yarra Valley Mountain District Football League where it stayed until 1985. 

The club competed in the 1981 Grand Final but lost to Emerald. Back then the club was led by a flamboyant full forward named Ernie Dingo. Then in 1986 the club joined the Benalla and District League where it won its first ever reserves Premiership in 1988 under mentor Geoff Creighton. 

The Seniors competed in four straight Grand Finals from 1990 - 1992. The Reserves also won in 1992 with Rob Elliot and Brett Halligan guiding the club over this time. 

In 1992 the club entered the Tungamah league for one season before joining the Goulburn Valley Division 2 which became the Central Goulburn League in 1999. 

The club had some hard times over those years with many big losses but this improved in 2001, once again under the guidance of Rob Elliot, where the club went on to make finals again in 2002. 

The Club's Thirds side had some great success winning premierships in 2000, 2001 and 2003 with Brett Herridge and Wayne Elliott at the helm. The Thirds also produced five league medallists over an eight year period. 

The Club moved back into the Yarra Valley Mountain District Football League in 2006 and with a fresh outlook, competed in three straight grand finals, winning in 2007 with Brad Coller as Coach. 

In 2007, the club celebrated 50 years as the TEDFNC which was commemorated by naming the team of the half century. 

In 2010 the club again went into recess for two years with a lack of players, but then returned with a vengence and plenty of spirit and support with the support of Brad Coller, Wayne Kupke and John 'Scooter' Creighton. 

In 2015, the club president, Wayne Kupke resigned and we now have a passionate and supportive president in Scooter Creighton, to take this club to the next level and try to make the finals this year with both teams and the netballers. 

Get behind the Boners in 2016! 



Tara Press 2015 Division 2 Seniors
1 Emerald 64
2 Thornton Eildon 52
3 Kinglake 48
4 Powelltown 46
5 Seville 44
6 Gembrook Cockatoo 40
7 Yarra Junction 32
8 Yea 20
9 Alexandra 14


YV Financial Services 2015 Division 2 Reserves
1 Emerald 68
2 Alexandra 54
3 Yarra Junction 52
4 Kinglake 48
5 Gembrook Cockatoo 40
6 Thornton Eildon 32
7 Yea 30
8 Seville 20
9 Powelltown 16