MAJOR SPONSORS - click on each of the logos to go straight to their websites for more information


The Outdoor Education Group

The Outdoor Education Group are one of largest sponsors for the 2016 season. They will have their logo placed on the back of our new Football Jerseys and also assist with encouraging OEG employees to join our club and offer the OEG campuses for football and netball players to complete boot camp in pre-season.


Foodworks Alexandra

Foodworks Alexandra are one of our major sponsors for the 2016 season. They assist in providing our club with food and drinks to sell at our home games, sponsor events and club events. 


Golden Trout Hotel

We are pleased to have the Golden Trout Hotel on board as one of our major sponsors for the 2016 season again. They also provide us with discounted meal vouchers for our best on ground football and netball players. 



Rubicon Hotel

Rubicon Hotel are one of our major sponsors for the 2016 season. They are also sponsoring our new Hoodie Jumpers merchandise. Club members and their families also enjoy dining at this estabishment on several occassions. 



Anchorage Houseboats

Anchorage Houseboats are one of our major sponsors for the 2016 season. They assisted by providing our canteen with a new electronic cash register, have their logo placed on the back of the new and previous club polo shirts and training singlets and assist by having both owners on our committee. 


Anvil Angus

Anvil Angus are one of our major sponsors for the 2016 season. They have committed to sponsoring us over the last two seasons and will again provide sponsorship, with thier logo being placed on the back of our new stubby holders. 


501 Café and Bar JERUSALEM CREEK

Jews Creek Cafe are a major sponsor for 2016. They have beautiful food and are worth a visit to have a nice meal whilst looking over Lake Eildon. They also offered to be our 'scoreboard sponsor' which is fantastic. 



Caribbean Gardens                                                                                                                                 

Caribbean Gardens were kind enough to donate a large amount to our club last year and are happy to do so again for 2016. 


DMK Taxation 

DMK have been generous with their donation this year and have become a major sponsor.



Chookies Furniture Alexandra (Bi-Rite Electrical) 

Our local supporters Chookies have been supporting the club since it came out of receivership 3 years ago. We thank them once again for supporting our club in 2016. 


Visual Painting Solutions 



VPS is owned by our 2016 President John 'Scooter' Creighton. John not only makes sure that the club is running efficiently throughout the season, but also offers his skills as a painter when required. 


Timberon Cabinets 

Timberon Cabinets are new as a sponsor for this year, thanks to the connections of Phil Gourlay at Anchorage Houseboats. Timberon put cabinetry into houseboats on the lake and houses in the area. 



Australian Leak Detection

Our own Jye Myers who is a big supporter of our club and plays footy for us, has been generous in supporting the boners for this season. 



Blinds in Mind


Nicole & David Kelleher have gotton back on board to support the club again this year. 

We thank them for their generous sponsorship this year. 



Eildon Trout Farm 

Our local Trout farm has jumped back on board to support the Boners in 2016. Click on their logo to see what they have to offer. 




Randall Industries

Randall Industries is also new to supporting our club for 2016. They are an Australian owned Steel and Metal Fabricating company and we welcome them onboard for this year. 



Houseboat Sales Lake Eildon 

Ray is new to sponsoring our club this year and has been generous to support not only the club, yet also became a major sponsor of the netball dresses for 2016. We welcome him to the club. 


Cindy McLeish - Our Local Member 

We are please to have Cindy McLeish back on board to support our club in 2016. 



EPH Enterprizes 

New to sponsoring us this year, EPH offer an extensive range of equipment for hire for big or small jobs.




Eildon Hardware

Our local Thrifty Link Hardware has become a major sponsor this year to support our club and the players. 




Temple Body Works

Temple Body works has jumped on board again this year. Working with private, trade and corporate clients, Temple Body works offer a personalised repair solution. Whether its fixing your car from an accident, a general service, respray or dent removal, they are the repair people to call!




John Fautley Motors 

John has helped us out again this year with becoming a major sponsors of our club. For all your car needs, contact John Fautley Motors or click on the logo to take you straight to his website.




Eildon Chemart Pharmacy 

We are pleased to welcome back Eildon Pharmacy as a major sponsor this year and thank them for their support.




Houseboat Sales Lake Eildon

We are pleased to have HBSLE back on board again as a major sponsor and we thank you for your support.




Sunliner RV  

Sunliner provide an extensive range of Caravans, RV's and other travelling vehicles. We thank them for their support again this year. 




Precision Scaffolding

A new sponsor for 2017, Precision Scaffolding provides installation of scaffolding or hire of scaffolding equipment. We welcome them abord this year. 


Metlam Australia 

Metlam manufacturers washroom and toilet partitions and accessories for all target markets. We thank them for their support for 2017


Zac King Landscapes & Construction  

Zac is not only part of our Seniors Football Team but he has also jumped on board as a sponsor of our club with his logo placed on the back of the training singlets. 



Alfab Australia 

A new sponsor who offered to donate money towards supporting our club. We thank them for their donation and support. 



Alutile Australia - The Good Aussie Company 

One of Anchorage Houseboats suppliers have kindly offered their sponsorship again for this year. We appreciate their ongoing support




Eildon Boat Club 

Eildon Boat Club have again been happy to sponsor the club this year. They will have their logo displayed on our new football jackets. 



Eildon Outboard Service

This local business has supported the club since it came out of recession in 2014.  For any boating repairs and parts, see Anita, Tony and the team at EOS



McCormack Funerals Mansfield

Anne & Mick have kindly offered their support once again for 2016. We thank them for helping sponsor our local club. 


Skyline Boat Storage

Dale and Robyn Harrison have supported our club once again with their donation and logo to be displayed on the back of our new football jacketsalong with the Eildon Boat Club. We are thankful for their support once again.


Evergreen Turf

Another new sponsor helping support our club in 2016. Providing quality product for all types of surfaces. We thank them for their support. 



Globe Growing Solutions

Globe have again jumped on board to support the club. They will have their logo displayed on the back of our new training singlets, as well as offering their services of turf, land management and lines marking equipment throughout the season. 



Simpsons Fuel Caltex Alexandra 

We are proud to have Simpsons Fuel on board this year. They have kindly donated Fuel Cards, which we are using to hand out to our players for awards. Welcome to our club. 



High Country Houseboat Sales 

Mike Dalmau is supporting our club this year as well as taking part in our general committee and plugging our club on local UGM radio Saturday mornings.  



Eildon Real Estate  

Mark Howard has been supporting our local community for a long time. He has agreed to come on board again in 2016 to support the Boners once again. For all real estate enquiries or searches, just click on his logo to take you to his website and sales listings. 



Kayne Johnson Plumbing

Kayne has played football with the club for years and also offers his specialities as a plumbing to assist in any plumbing needs around the club. We thank him for his support again this year. 



Airmaster is well placed to meet the demanding needs of Australian business, with services extending from maintenance and service of existing plant through to projects, controls and a range of complementary, professional services. 



Jelmac Directional Drilling 

One of players, Brad Boote, has also offered his business sponsorship to help support the club. For all Drilling needs, click on his logo to go directly to his website. 




Taylor Bay Country Club

Geoff is new to sponsoring the club this year. He has offered his gym to support our boys and girls to train there during the season. He is also offering vouchers to the Taylor Bay Country Club for most improved player/s throughout the season. Welcome abord Geoff.  



4-Ways Takeaway & Diner Thornton  

Our local takeaway shop is back to help support the club. They have offered breakfast vouchers to hand out to players for their best on ground awards. For a good feed for breakfast, lunch or dinner, see 4-ways take away and diner. 



Alexandra Newspapers (The Standard) 

Our local newspaper in Alex have offered their support for the first time this year to help support the club. We thank them for the club as well as publishing our results in their paper each week throughout the season. 





Alexandra Physiotheraphy 

Our local Physio Libby Gobbart has supported the club again this year and we thank her for her support. 



TLS Plumbing

Our local Greg Lund has offered his sponsorship again this year and can help you with all your plumbing needs. Contact him on 0433 309 559 


Thornton Caravan Park  

Our local caravan park have offered this sponsorship for 2016. If you wish to book some accommodation or a tent site, you can contact them on 03 5773 2305 


Tara Press 2015 Division 2 Seniors
1 Emerald 64
2 Thornton Eildon 52
3 Kinglake 48
4 Powelltown 46
5 Seville 44
6 Gembrook Cockatoo 40
7 Yarra Junction 32
8 Yea 20
9 Alexandra 14


YV Financial Services 2015 Division 2 Reserves
1 Emerald 68
2 Alexandra 54
3 Yarra Junction 52
4 Kinglake 48
5 Gembrook Cockatoo 40
6 Thornton Eildon 32
7 Yea 30
8 Seville 20
9 Powelltown 16