To umpire in 2019 all umpires need to complete the online registration with the AFL North East Border Umpiring Group at the following link.

All umpires must register online.  You will require your email address to register.  Once prompted at the above site you enter your email address where you will be asked to select a password if you have not previously confirmed one.  Your email address and this password will become your login details for the footy web registration database.  There are a number of videos you can view at the above link on registering with your email address if you are having issues with the process.

Once registered you will be able to access schedula, the umpire appointment management site used by the AFL North East Border.  For further details on schedula please see schedula under the Umpire Administration menu on the AFLNEB website.

If you have any issues please contact Mark Bywater at email: or 0416 468 132.