Umpiring Articles

Keep Communication Brief

The ability to appropriately communicate with players and coaches appropriately is as important as rule knowledge in your role as an umpire. Read the article from Referee Magazine on keeping your communication brief.more


Self Evaluation is critical in assisting you in becoming a better umpiring, read this article from Referee Magazine on how you can self-evaluate yourself to becoming a better umpire.more

Selling the Tough Calls

You know you have got the call right in a tough situation, but how do you sell that to others, read the article from Referee Magazine on 'Sell the Tough Call'.more

How not to Argue

Tips for avoiding the nose-to-nose arguments and disagreements with coaches and players.more

Officiating A to Z

Another article from Referee Magazine, mainly based on basketball officiating, but there are some points that are relevant of all forms of umpiring.more

There's No 'I' in Crew

An interesting article from the US based Referee Magazine on how important it is for officiating teams to work together.more
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