Local Area Agreements have been designed for use by clubs for the following reasons:

1. To allow a player to play at a higher level;

2. In order to form a team to take the field on any given day.

AFL Victoria Country Rules & Regulations 2.10 (c) (iii) states, "That prior to each match played, the player shall obtain permission to do so from his parent club".

The following is a Step by Step guide on how to apply for a Type 2 permit (Local Interchange – home club permission required in Footyweb).

1. In Members drop down box – select "Request Transfer/Permit";

2. Drop down box – select "Australian Leagues";

3. Drop down box – select "Association" (the League the player is currently playing in);

4. Drop down box – select "Club" (the club where the player is currently registered);

5. Complete players name and date of birth (if known);

6. Ensure the correct player has been chosen, Drop down box – select Option 2 Local Interchange. Submit request – this option requires the home club permission.

There is no requirement to apply for Type 2 permits in triplicate. The above process replaces the need for written permission.


The onus shall be on the club requesting a permit to ensure that an agreement exists allowing the player to play on permit with their club under these conditions. If no permit agreement exists between the respective leagues of the player’s home team and the players permit team, the player is ineligible to play on permit under these conditions.

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