Umpire Policies

AFLNEB Umpire Injury & WorkCover Policy

The procedure to follow when an umpire is injured at an official AFLNEB Umpire Training session or during a match where the umpire has been appointed by the AFLNEB Umpire Department.more

AFLNEB Umpire Selection Policy

Details of the Umpire Selection Policy for the AFLNEB Umpiring Panel.more

AFLNEB Working with Children Check Policy

Details on the requirements of a Working With Children Check for all umpires registered with the AFL North East Bordermore

AFLNEB Umpire Code of Conduct

Details of the Code of Conduct expected by all people involved with umpiring in the North East Border region.more

AFLNEB Umpire Media Policy

AFLNEB Umpire Media Policy to control comments made to the media in regard to umpiring.more

AFLNEB Umpire Social Media Policy

To ensure all umpires use social media responsibly with regard to comments on umpiring or football.more

AFLNEB Umpire Grievance Policy

Details of the Grievance Policy for umpires registered with the AFLNEB.more
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