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Rosebud Junior Football CLub would like to announce the appointment of the following Coaches for 2017 - 

 Boys Football:                                      

 U9’s Navy – Brad Smith  

U9's White - Paul Davis                              

 U10’s – Darren Long

 U11's - Sam Tucker

 U12's - Ben Broomfield

 U13’s – Ray Toull

 U14’s – Jamie Raphael

 U15’s – Geoff Glaum

 U16’s – Glen Powell.  Assistant coach – Jack Beale   (Mark Hustwaite to coach in Glen’s Term 2 absence) .


** Coaches still required for our U11’s and U12’s teams – for enquiries; please contact Mark Hustwaite  0439 366 638 or Damian Winsor 0408 126 645


Girls Football:

Intermediate – Greg Hilton.  Assistant coach – Brett McRae

Youth – Troy Cunningham.  Assistant coach – Mick Prentice






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$$ Ever wanted to be a junior umpire? $$

If you are interested in becoming a junior umpire (minimum age 14) please click on this link or phone Travis Pye on 0417 500 985. This is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash, learn the ins and outs of AFL rules and help out our league to ensure all games have an umpire! 


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 Sponsorship - Now is the time to submit your interests in being a club sponsor, we have packages available from team jumpers, player sponsors to ground signage, all are a great way for your business to have great exposure to lots of people. For more information please contact Leigh Thompson (Secretary) on 0434 676 873 or Travis Pye (President) on 0417 500 985. 


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