Life Members

The club over the past 40 plus years has inducted numerous people who have given the club very valuable service on & off the field as club Life Members. They are as follows in alphabetical order:-

Dave Abbey.
Robert Brown.
Mark Brunato. (GDFL Life Member 2007)
Ray Carlton & Monica Carlton
Richard Cations

Ed Cachia
Bob Chamberlain.

Stewart Cook
Paul Cowlishaw & Lyn Cowlishaw.
Dean Cox.
Greg Cullen.

Phillip Dowling.
Ted Dowling (Decd).
Graham Fields.
Chris Foley.
Mrs Pat Foote.
Mick Foster.
Rick Govan

Shane Grigg

Gerry Hart

Greg Hart.
Bill Hudson.
Dennis Keogh.
Vince Keogh.
Gary King.
Chris Kopelke.

John Law.
Ashley Lenoury.

Richard Lewczuk.
Barry Lidster.

Fred Linehan 

Greg Lynch
Kevin McArthur.
Pam McKenzie.
Robert McKenzie.
Alby Mason.(Decd)
Larry Myles.
Bill O'Keefe.
Mick O'Malley.
Alf Parker & Pat Parker(Decd).
Stephen Pengelly
George Riddiford.

Trevor Smith 

Alan Stewart (GDFL LIfe Member 2009) & Jeanette Stewart.
Ian Urch.
Gary Vaughan.
Dawn Williamson.

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