Player Injury Insurance

Club Insurance Cover

The club holds Personal Injury Insurance with JLT Sport through our affiliation with Work safe Victorian Country Football League.

In addition to the level of insurance cover that is automatically supplied through your registration, , the club has undertaken to increase this cover to the higher "Gold" level which provides for a 90% rebate with a $50 excess. The automatic coverage provides for an amount of $1,000,000 if a player is made quadriplegic or paraplegic through a football injury. These upgrades give our players the best possible protection against serious injury and, although quite a costly exercise, is done in the interests of player welfare. This coverage applies to all senior and junior teams.

The club does NOT have personal Income Insurance. Players are responsible for getting their own Personal Income Insurance. Please contact Roger Blacksell for more info on Personal Income Insurance.

Personal Injury Insurance provides coverage for injuries sustained whilst participating in an activity under the following circumstances:

• An official match or training session.

• Travelling to or from an official club activity.

• Participating in an official club function.

• Tours or representative matches.

What is generally covered: Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Dental Non Medicare MRIs. Ambulance, Private Hospital Accommodation.

What is generally not covered: Doctor’s Fees, Surgeons Fees, Anesthetist Fees, X-Rays, Public Hospital Costs and MRI Scans (Medicare Claim).

Please note that the Gap on Medicare or Private Helath Insurance is Not claimable on the clubs insurance.

As you can see the big ticket items are not covered therefore the club urges every player to take out private health cover.

Please contact Dale Hunt via email: