2010 B&F Footy and Netty

In an entertaining day season 2010 Best & Fariest counts have been concluded.
Full voting details all grades per attached pdf file.

Go to the Photo Gallery for pictures of all winners and Runners up.

Congratulations to all winners and Runners-up.

Seniors winner: Cameron Hall 122 votes
Runner - up: Dermott Smythe 100 votes

Reserves winner: Dale Cameron 95 votes
Runner - up: Brodie Rogers 57 votes

Under 18 winner: Daniel Hamilton 78 votes
Runner - up: Jake Robertson 74 votes

A Grade winner: Kristen Wilson 26 votes
Runner - up: Ashlee Barbetti 21 votes

A Res Grade winner: Lisa Evans 21 votes
Runner - up: Gemma Ralli 19 votes

B Grade winner: Collene Johns 14 votes
Runner - up: Alyce Huggard 13 votes

17 & Under winner: Jarni Hansen 20 votes
Runner up: Eden Furness 19 votes


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