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Practices and training programs for players of all ages.more

Game Training Certificate Participant Manual

Some useful YouTube links

Please ensure that kids are adequately supervised by their parents or adult carer when viewing YouTube videos.

The following two kid's skills are quite something:

This is takes practice.......

2012 Grassroots coaching manual

The 2013 updated version is available free of charge when you enrol in a Grassroots coaching course.more

Kids First Soccer

Youth Certificate Participant Manual

The club will be pushing for a Youth Certificate Course to be held somewhere in the central west this year.more

National Curriculum

To get a sense of the "Big Picture", this is well worth a read.


Competition Rules for the Orange and District Football Associationmore

Guidelines for Working with Children

This is a generic guide only and is designed to help protect children, but also protect volunteers through greater awareness of risk.

We actively encourage coaches and managers to complete the Play by the Rules - Child Protection - Harassment and Discrimination ONLINE course. See -

Online Beginning Coaching General Principles course

The course is aimed at first time and beginner coaches (eg. parents). The course contains five modules and will take approximately six hours to complete. There is assessment included within each module of the course.

Please see this website for more details and how to enroll -

Small Sided Football

Click on this link as it has the small sided handbook & rules. It is also has downloads, formats of games & videos of training games for different age groups.more

Other Community Coaching Courses

This page will outline the various steps/qualifications a coach can take and you can click on those links to see where the various coaching clinics are being held.more

Coach’s Code of Ethics

This is the Code of Ethics that you will have to be aware of and sign before doing any FNSW or FFA course.
It is found in the Junior Football License participant manual - OR just download it from our websitemore

The Building Blocks

“Making Australia a World Leader in the World Game”
The National Football Curriculum is a long term strategic plan, aimed at realising the necessary changes and improvements to achieve the lofty objectives.

Analysis of football in Australia reveals:
Strengths: Physical & mental Competitiveness
Weaknesses: Technical & Tactical abilitiesmore

Tools and Tips

This is a comprehensive page on the Australian Sports Commission Website. It has some great hints for first time coaches and especially behaviour management. Click this link for more details:

The 1-4-3-3 Formation


Coaching Notepad

Helpful tool for use at half time, before the game, or during training sessions. Download here by clicking on "more".more
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