Seniors A & B

Senior Football Director

Shane Grieve
Phone: 0400 990 077

Coaches (2018)

A Grade

  • Head Coach: Brett Baldey

B Grade

  • Head Coach: Ralph Platten

Key Date and Times

Training occurs every Tuesday and Thursday night from 5pm to 7:30pm.

Match day details

Arrival times for games

All players are expected at the ground a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the game, unless advised differently by the coach. Players should ensure they are ready to play as soon as possible after their arrival at the ground. Coaches may require warm-ups and a team meeting.

Reporting of Injuries

All players should immediately report any new injury at training to their Coach. Then they should report to their trainers for assessment.

Trainers are required at every match. The trainers will have the final say if a player is not to return to the field. This is an important issue related to our risk management and insurance. If a player has ice administered, the ruling from SFL is that that player is not to return to the field.

The CFC will be providing a qualified sport trainer/first aider to deal with injuries at training. Players should respect our trainers and follow their instructions to allow for proper recovery.

Players should seek proper medical advice on any prolonged injury. Please don’t try and play if you are unfit, as this is not fair to either yourself or your teammates.



Marc Taylor (Head Trainer)
Kristy Grieve (Junior Trainer)
Renee Jackson (Junior Trainer) 



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