Heat Policy

The Cove Football Club Hot Weather Policy has been adapted from the SANFL Hot Weather Policy and will assist volunteers, players, officials and spectators to undertake necessary action in cases of extreme hot weather. This is to prevent injury, and possible death, from heat illness by recognizing and managing potentially dangerous heat situations.

The Cove Football Club recognises that the risk of an elevated body temperature from high intensity sport in a hot environment is significant, and can lead to heat illness presented as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The Cove Football Club also recognizes that children are at a higher risk than adults. Symptoms can be worse if fluid replacement during exercise is inadequate which leads to fluid loss and dehydration.

Training/Competitions in Hot Weather

The Cove Club Head Trainer or person acting in this capacity where the Head Trainer is not available shall check the forecast temperature at 6pm the day before the event on the Australian Bureau of Meteorology website - www.bom.gov.au. Based on the forecast temperature, the following action will be taken regarding the event:

Ambient Temperature Risk of Heat Illness  

Recommended Management for sports activities

26 - 30 Moderate All Grades 
Time interval between available drinks no more than 15minutes, with a break sufficient for all players to replenish fluids. Overall duration of session to be 60-90 minutes. 
31 - 35 High - Very High Seniors: Time interval between available drinks no more than 15 minutes, with a break sufficient for all players to replenish fluids. Activity intensity to be reduced to moderate pace with breaks in intensity. Overall duration of session to be 60-90 minutes
Outdoor activities modified with reduction in intensity and increased drink break sufficient for players to replenish fluids. Interval between breaks no more than 10 minutes with use of shade as much as possible. Overall duration of session limited to 60 minutes.
Sub Junior: 
All activities cancelled.
36 and above Extreme Seniors: No outdoor activities to be conducted between 10am and 4pm. Water based activities or activities in air conditioned indoor facilities may be conducted but must be modified to prevent heat stress. Modified outside activity only in consultation with Head Trainer. 
All Junior and Sub Junior training cancelled.

Where there has been a change in the temperature after 6pm the evening before the training or game the trainer on duty shall refer back to the above chart to advise coaches and officials on the activity and intensity of such that can be conducted after the trainer on duty has taken the temperature prior to the activity commencing. Players and officials shall be encouraged to drink fluid prior to and during all competitions and training sessions to avoid dehydration, and for rehydration following competitions and training sessions.

In all competitions and training sessions the Cove Football Club shall ensure that there is an adequate supply of water for drinking and refreshment, and the appropriate drinks breaks are taken as necessary during these competitions or training sessions. Players and officials with any symptoms of heat illness shall immediately cease exercising. They shall have immediate first aid treatment including Strip/Soak/Fan (strip off any excess clothing and rest in a shaded area, soak or spray with water and rehydrate, and fan) to reduce body temperature as quickly as possible. This person shall immediately be referred for treatment by a medical professional.