Photography Consent

The Cove Football Club recognises the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all young people in sport.

In accordance with our Child Protection Policy, we will not permit photographs, videos or other images of young people to be taken without the consent of parents/guardians and children.

From time to time, the Cove Football Club may publish photographic and/or video images of young people on its website, newsletter or on social media sites including Facebook to both communicate and promote their participation in our sporting organisation.

The Cove Football Club will use the following guidelines for the use of photographic or video images:

  • The interests and welfare of children taking part in Australian Rules Football is of paramount importance to the Cove Football Club. 
  • Children and their parent/guardian have a right to decide whether their photograph is taken and how those images may be used. 
  • No personal details (including the use of names) will be published with any image which may otherwise lead to the identification of that child. 
  • All images taken and published will depict them is suitable attire applicable to their participation in Australian Rules Football.

The Cove Football Club will take all steps to ensure these images are used solely for the purposes they are intended. If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately you should inform the Cove Football Club immediately.

If you do not consent to your child being photographed and/or published in Cove Football Club promotional material, please let us know.