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Brentwood Booragoon Football Club introduced its Veteran's (Over 35's) team to the then Masters Australian Football (MAF) WA competition at the commencement of the 2006 season.

The introduction of the new team came off the back of some radical changes at the club over the summer of 2005 which also saw the club change its name to Brentwood Booragoon from the traditional Brentwood Amateur Football Club.

Brentwood Booragoon has always had a strong tradition of "retired" players occasionally making once off appearances for the club in reserves matches, but with the clubs growing young player base, the opportunities had become very few.  So, following discussions with the older players, the club nominated a team and was accepted into the MAF structure in November, 2005 for the 2006 season.

Brentwood Booragoon's "Vets" team is now a permanent fixture around the club and gives players of varying age and ability the opportunity to play "Social Football" in an environment conducive to mateship and friendly rivalry.  The  AFL Masters with their "Football For Kicks" philosophy is something Brentwood Booragoon uses to attract new players to the club and maintain existing players.

The AFL Masters is a fantastic family orientated concept which sees clubs descend every fortnight onto a venue to play in an all day carnival.  With four 15 minutes quarters per match and 12 rounds per year, AFL Masters is fantastic in that it allows the older bodies to recover in time for the next fixture.

The season operates from early April - mid September.

Further information about Brentwood Booragoon and its history can be found in the "ABOUT US" tab of this website.

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