Round 1 Information vs Central Crocs

The 2010 AFL Masters season kicks off under lights at Lightning Park on Saturday 27th March....more

Brentwood Booragoon AFL Masters Football Team

Brentwood Booragoon Football Club introduced its Veteran's (Over 35's) team to the then Masters Australian Football (MAF) WA competition at the commencement of the 2006 season...more

2009 AFL Masters Fixtures - Brentwood Booragoon

The 2009 AFL Masters football season has now been completed. The 2010 season will commence in early April...More information soon!more


Round 12 v’s Eastern Hills:
It is with a sad but happy heart that I call an end to an eventful year and a dramatic finish as the mighty Bulldog vets stole the 2009 premiership cup.more

Round 10 Summary vs Fremantle

What happened to Rounds 7 and 8.
At last, a change of roles - Fremantle became Melbourne and we became Fremantlemore

Round 3 Summary vs Wembley

With an expected slaughter in the small cow paddocks of Midland against the hard at it Wembley boys, and the BB Vets down on numbers you could not have blamed the old boys for folding open the deck chairs and opening the esky’s at the first bounce.more
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