Vision & Mission


To be the most professional and successful amateur football club in Western Australia!


To maximise the satisfaction of our players, members, sponsors and other associated stakeholders through the optimisation of Brentwood Booragoon Football Club's performances on and off the field.


On the field

  1. To play football competitively in the highest possible grade every season.
  2. Maintain a minimum of four teams (League, Reserves, Thirds & Colts) every season.
  3. To play in the finals series every season with the ultimate goal to play in the grand final and win the premiership.
  4. To develop and maximize the abilities of each and every player who participates for the club.
  5. Instill a sense of commitment and fair play into all Brentwood Booragoon Football Club players.
  6. Through the clubs governing bodies (WAAFL & AFL Masters), uphold the rules and regulations that govern the direction in which the club shall operate.

Off the field

  1. Provide a positive, vibrant and socially enjoyable atmosphere in which current players and members together with friends and families can actively participate.
  2. Develop, maintain and continually encourage regular participation amongst past players/members and life members at the club.
  3. To continually develop the clubs Strategic Plan for the purpose of ensuring that marketability and direction are optimized.
  4. Establish a sound financial position for the club every year by minimising and/or eliminating expenses while maximising revenues.
  5. Continually develop positive relationships with the clubs major external stakeholders, namely The City of Melville, The Brentwood Karoonda Sporting Association, Booragoon Junior Football Club, CBC Cricket Club and the local community in general.

Note that goals on and off the field are not mutually exclusive. The successful completion of one may in fact lead to achievement of another.

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