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FDBA Age Groups

Age Groups

The FDBA competition is an under-age competition with teams made up according to their birth year.

Age groups for 2017 are shown in the graphic to the right   >>>

Please note: younger players may play in an older age group if required. Older players cannot play in a lower age group. 

Competition Schedule

  • Timing - 2 x 18 minute halves / 45 minute schedule

  • U8, U10, U12 & U14 (Saturday) - Games are played between 8:30am - 7:00pm.

    Generally U8 & U10 games are scheduled from 8:30am, U12 in the early afternoon and U14 from mid-afternoon. All games conclude with U12/U14 no later than 5:30pm (approx.)

Season Dates & Structure

  • Summer Season - Term 4 and Term 1 of Victorian School term dates

  • Winter Season - Term 2 and Term 3 of Victorian School term dates

  • Competition Dates - Games are generally not scheduled on public holidays or school holidays. Refer to competition calendars for exact dates of current season

  • Grading Phase - First three or four rounds of season. These games do not count towards season ladder.

  • Finals Phase - Top 4 and Reserve 4 in two round playoff format

Forfeit Fines

Based on member feedback teams wanted a deterrent for forfeits as it was an inconvenience for teams and this deterrent was to apply fines at above the normal team sheet rate. The FDBA are often bound to pay referees; incur fixed cost expenses even when forfeits are pre-notified. Notifying teams once a forfeit has been advised adds an administrative burden on the FDBA. The FDBA will endeavor to accommodate all prior requests, but can not guarantee game times can be changed. FDBA understands that unforeseen circumstances can arise whereby it may not be possible to play. With advanced warning (at least 1 week) the FDBA will endeavor to assist to help ensure the scheduled match can proceed. Notifying the FDBA the day before or the day you cannot play, is not advanced warning.

  • U8 - U10 =$96

  • U12 - U16 = $104

  • U18 - U20 = $112

Un-notified forfeits incur an additional $40 administration fee.

Ball Size / Ring Height

U8: size 5 ball, lowered ring

U10 and older: size 6 ball, standard ring height

Player Insurance

As a registered player with the FDBA, part of your weekly registration fee pays for player insurance.

Basketball Victoria’s insurance provider is V-Insurance Group (Corporate Authorised Representative of Willis) and details regarding the level of coverage can be found via the

V-Insurance Basketball website: 



V-Insurance Group Pty Ltd

Level 28Angel Place, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

P: 02 8599 8660 or toll free 1300 945 547



Major Sponsor

Club Contact Info




Shane Szwaja


Registrar: Amanda Wallis

Uniform Coordinator: Charlotte Szwaja

School Liaison: Billy Coburn

FDBA Delegate: Frakie Rossi

Treasurer: Mark Lane

Secretary: Adam Klopper

Vice President: Annelise Hoare

President: Billy Coburn