Amendment to EPDBA Junior Competition ByLaws

31 August 2015

Amendment to EPDBA Junior Competition ByLaws

Following consultation with representatives from all clubs affiliated with EPDBA the by-laws have been amended to include the following rule

WABL Players
A player selected to play in the Western Australian Basketball League (WABL) for any Association will be deemed a WABL Player from January to December for the year. This includes players selected on WABL teams that are yet to have played.
For teams entering in the EPDBA Junior/Domestic Competition the following rule applies
• 3 WABL player limit - teams can have a maximum of 3 current WABL players
• Teams with more than 3 WABL players will be required to play up an age group
• 5 WABL player limit - A side playing one age level up cannot have more than 5 WABL players.

East Perth District Basketball Association reserves the right to make decisions to maintain a sustainable competition or fill an age group

Development Teams
Approved WABL or development teams may be permitted to play - for developmental purposes - if there is sufficient court availability but will not accumulate competition points or play in finals and will be required to play one age group up.

Development teams - as endorsed by the Director of Basketball - can play with more than 5 WABL players.

On behalf of East Perth District Basketball Association

Tim Sparks
Director of Basketball