News Updates 17/11/16

Updated Domestic By-Laws 31/10/2017

Please find attached the updated By Laws for the Domestic Competition.

This document supersedes all provious documents.

For and on behalf of the Committee of Management of East Perth Basketball Association

Anthony Fletcher

East Perth District Basketball Association (inc)



Important Notice - Domestic Competition Summer 201

15 November 2016
Important Notice - Domestic Competition Summer 2016/17
Our Association is in the process of considering changes to the local competition WABL rule for the upcoming 2017 Winter Season. This is due to changes made and being made by Basketball WA to include up to 4 divisions in some WABL age groups.
Accordingly, the Board plans to modify the definition for WABL players moving forward and coming into force Winter 2017 season. There will be some changes to the rule to make it clear what the rule is and what it is trying to achieve. The rule will apply as written when implemented.
Please be advised that the current WABL rule - dated 31 August 2015 - that is on the East Perth website under local competition, remains in place for the 2016/17 Summer Season.
Having given people a few weeks to settle their teams, we are about to conduct a check on compliance of the WABL rule. Unfortunately, it would appear for a variety of reasons that several clubs may have allocated WABL players based on where the new WABL rule was potentially heading, and not based on the current WABL rule that is in place now.
If the team coach and/or the club administrators are concerned that you are not meeting the current (31 August 2015) WABL rule please discuss this with us as soon as possible or make alternative allocations of WABL players.
As clubs, we need to balance teams to give all players a fair go, regardless of their skills and to play and have fun in a team that strives to improve. Strong players can lead teams to help all players develop and become better players themselves. Making ‘super teams’ defeats the purpose of what the domestic competition is about. The new WABL rule will ensure that we spread the talent, make it more fun for the whole competition but at the same time provide development pathways for players seeking extension.
To be the best play against the best.
On behalf of East Perth District Basketball Association
Tim Sparks
Director of Basketball