Training and Game Day Warm Ups

A warm-up prior to training or a game is important to all players regardless of age.

Warming-up allows players to gradually adapt and prepare themselves both physically and mentally for exercise. The benefits of a good age appropriate warm up is to:

  1. decrease the risk of injury
  2. increase performance levels, and
  3. improve psychological preparation

Andrew Dalwood, Director of Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre, amd sponsor of the Waverley Park Hawks has developed a set up of warm-up exerecisse for both training and game day that are age specific. The club is encouraging all players and teams to use these warm-up programs as a routine part of their training and game day preparations.

There are training and game day warm up exercise programs available from the links below for the age range Under 9 to 12 as well as Under 13 to 17.

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