Modified Rules for U8/9/10 Mixed & U9/12 Girls










The South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL), the league with which our club is affiliated, has modified rules for Under 8, Under 9 and Under 10 age groups as well as the Under 9 Girls and 12 Girls competition.

These modified rules are a result of research conducted by the AFL in conjunction with Deakin University to ensure junior football is delivered in an age appropriate and uniform manner across the country for players aged 5 to 12 years.

An outcome of the research was the need for young players to be introduced to the game through modified rules that consider their physical, psychological and emotional needs. The AFL has developed   policy guidelines for junior football entitled Junior Football Match Guide - This is Our Game. The underlying principals of the policy is that when young players first commence playing football it should be fun and inclusive and provide for age appropriate skill development through playing games with modified rules.

Download a copy of the Junior Football Match Guide - This is Our Game.

The AFL has also created a series videos that explain their approach to junior footy and the need for modified rules.  Please take the time to watch these:

Junior Football Match Guide -- This is Our Game – Philosophy

Junior Football Match Guide -- This is Our Game – Ground Size

Junior Football Match Guide -- This is Our Game – Parents

Junior Football Match Guide -- This is Our Game – Safety

SMJFL Modified Rules 

Based on the AFLs Junior Football Match Guide - This is Our Game guidelines, the SMJFL has developed a set of modified rules for the Under 8-10 and Under 9/12 girls competitions.

These include: 

  • Playing on a reduced ground size to ensure all players are more engaged as the ball is never far away.
  • Dividing the ground into 3 equal zones to prevent ball chasing and subsequent congestion around the ball. 
  • Restrictions on physical contact with a modified wrap tackle and no slinging, pulling or otherwise applying of force when ‘holding’ a player, no bumping, no pushing the player in the side, and no stealing the ball from another player.  The restrictions on physical contact and the modified tackle are based on a need to provide players with the opportunity to develop and improve their disposal skills by reducing the pressure on the player in possession.

A summary of modifed rules is available for download here.





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