St Peters FC has a proud heritage in supporting girl's football and was the only club to field teams in every age group in 2016.  Last year we fielded 7 girls teams.

St Peters FC plans to field U10s, U12s, U14s, U16s & Youth Girls (U18s) teams in the 2018 SMJFL Girls Competition. 

The minimum age is 7 by 30th April 2018.  We also offer Girls only Auskick, exclusively for girls aged 4+ years

The season starts 15 April 2018.  If you have any questions please email Damian on

Fees:  $140 for Under 10,  $185 Under 12 & 14, $250 Under 16 & 18.  Free item (to be confirmed) for all new players to St Peters FC who register by 18 Feburary 2018.

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION SPECIAL FOR U16 and U18 GIRLS - $210 if registration is completed prior to 18 Feburary 2018.




How old do I have to be to play?

A player will need to have turned at least 7 years old by the 30th of April 2017 to be eligible to register. The dates to determine what age group a player is eligible to play are as follows:

  • U10 – Born on or after 1st January 2008
  • U12 – Born on or after 1st January 2006
  • U14 – Born on or after 1st January 2004
  • U16 – Born on or after 1st January 2002 
  • Youth Girls – Born on or after 1st January 2000

Do I have to have played Auskick before?

There is no requirement to have played Auskick before participating in SMJFL competitions.

When do games get played?

The majority of games are played on Sundays throughout the season. Occasionally a club may request a night game on a weeknight but this needs to be agreed to by both clubs.

When is the season played?

Season dates are as follows:



Will there be scoring and finals?

U10 girls’ games will be not have scoring or finals as the focus is on learning the game and getting as many touches of the football as possible. Rather than playing a final series the U10 girls will play in a round-robin event at the end of the season known as a Lightning Carnival. Under 12s, U14, U16 & Youth Girls will all record scores and play in finals at the end of the season. 

Where do games get played?

Teams will play around half of their games at their home ground and the other half at opponents grounds.

What time will games be played?

Generally speaking, the younger the age group the earlier the games but this really depends on what your club requests at the start of the season.

How long do games go for?

This various depending on age groups:

  • U10 = 4 x 10 minute quarters
  • U12 = 4 x 12 minute quarters
  • U14 = 4 x 15 minute quarters
  • U16 = 4 x 15 minute quarters
  • Youth Girls = 4 x 17 minute quarters

How many players to we need for a team?

U10 teams need a minimum of 9 players on the field, all other age groups need a minimum of 12 players. 

Footy can be a physical game, are there many injuries in the girls’ competition?

There is no doubt that football can be a physical game which is why different age groups play with different modified rules to suit the different stages of development. As with any physical activity, there are no guarantees that injuries won’t occur.

What exactly are the modified rules?

The following table shows a number of the rule modification for 2016 and how they apply to each age group: 

  • Zones – ground split into 3 equal zones. Players wear different coloured wrist bands to show which third they are allowed to in.
  • Positions are rotated throughout the game
  • Modified Tackle – players can be tackled but must not be brought to ground.

Can I play with the boys in a mixed team if I want to?

Girls can play in mixed teams with the boys up to and including U14s. After this time, girls must play in girls only competitions. 

What is the pathway for girls if they want to keep playing as they get older?

Girls’/Women’s football is the fastest growing area of AFL football in the country. There are many senior football teams throughout Victoria that a player may choose to play with once they’ve finished in the Youth Girls competition. The AFL has also announced that there will be a National AFL Women’s competition from 2017.

In addition to the above, there are various elite pathways and training programs available from U15s right through to open age.