Umpire's Escort

The umpire escort is one of the most important roles for match day so it is vital that someone who is competent performs this task and understands the role that needs to be undertaken.

Umpire escorts must be at least 18 years of age or, in the opinion of the Field Umpire, of sufficient age to be competent to perform the task.

Both teams must supply an Umpire Escort who shall escort the Field Umpires to and from the ground at the commencement of the match, at half-time and at the conclusion of the match. Each escort shall commence from or conclude at the door of the Umpires’ Room, as the case may be

During the first and third quarter breaks the Umpires’ Escorts must remain with the umpires, and provide drinks for them.

Umpires’ Escorts shall be responsible for addressing issues involving the behaviour of their team’s spectators towards the umpires.

During play Umpires’ Escorts shall act as Interchange Stewards to ensure that players enter and exit the ground via the designated interchange area. 

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