Weekly Writeup - Rounds 1-3

Round 3
U9's v. East Malvern
Ashwood     1-5-11
East Malvern   8-7-55

GOAL: Will Dixon 1.

A great team effort. Held to 1 point until half time, then a great third quarter kicking 1 goal 3. A very trying game played in wet and windy conditions. 
U10's v Mordialloc-Braeside
GOALS: Danny Curnow 2, Mitchell Wain 1, Ian McGibbon-Parker 1, James Lee 1.
BEST: Danny Curnow, Mitchell Wain, Zac Aitken, Ian McGibbon-Parker, Caeden Parkinson, James Lee.
Round 2
U9's v. Oakleigh
Ashwood     2-5-17
Oakleigh    4-7-31

GOALS: Tom Harris 1, Joseph Fisicaro1.

Tom Harris had a great game and Joseph's goal was a miracle goal snapped over his head on the point line. Great game by Thomas Kinnane. 
U10's v Waverley Hawks
GOALS: Marvin Elliott 1, Jake Murphy 1.
BEST: Caeden Parkinson, Mitchell Wain, Connor Wall, Lachlan Sharp, Jackson Impey, James Lee.
Round 1
U9's v. Waverley Park
Ashwood     5-5-35
Waverley    6-4-40

GOALS: James Lee 2 Isaac McKnight 1, Tom Harris 1, Noah Cregan 1.

James Lee was a stand out with all the team contributing. Due to the zoning confusion 2 free kicks were given which in turn resulted in 2 goals to Waverley.  
U10's v Northvale
GOALS: James Lee 2, Connor Wall 2, Mitchell Wain 1.
BEST: Mitchell Wain, Connor Wall, Travis Pemberton, Caeden Parkinson, Jackson Wright, Patrick Millington.