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Welcome to Rebels Basketball Club. Below is some answers to our most commonly asked questions and some guidelines we expect all members to follow:


Where Are Games Played?

Our teams are currently entered in the Broadmeadows Basketball Association (BBA) Junior Domestic Competitions. The stadiums are located in the North Western suburbs of Melbourne. The Association offers mixed (boys/girls) teams at U8 level, and separate boys/girls teams from U10 - U19. Boys and Girls compete on Saturdays with the younger age groups typically playing in the mornings, and the older age groups in the afternoon.


Venue Code/Crts Address Melways Ref
Broadmeadows Stadium BRM 1, 2, 3 & 4 Tanderrum Way & Dimboola Rd Broadmeadows Map 6 - G7
Broadmeadows Leisure Centre Leisure 1, 2 & 3 Tanderrum Way & Dimboola Rd Broadmeadows Map 6 - G8
Greenvale Recreation Centre Greenvale Rec Ctr Barrymore Rd, Greenvale Map 179 - B11

Gladstone Park Secondary College

Gladstone Park SC Taylor Dve, Gladstone Park Map 6 - A10




Club Fees are due prior to the beginning of each season. Registration forms will be handed out by your team manager with all the information you need to know. Current registration fees are $70.00 and covers registering your child with the BBA for that season, medical insurance and the cost of the weekly training facility hire.

Scoresheet At All Venues:

$50.00 per team - all team members will need to contribute $10 towards the scoresheet for each game.

Admission At All Venues:

$2.50 for all players and spectators. (U8 Spectators Free) 

** An Inter-venue pass for spectators will operate between all venues. Ask for the BBA stamp on your hand at the venue where you first pay.



A full set (shorts & singlet) is $95.00. There are also other club items such as reversable training tops, pre game warm up tops and hoodies that are also available for purchase. Refer to our uniform section for further information. 



Our training facility is located in the sports building of the Hume Central Secondary College. The entrance to the car park is via the driveway near the corner of Sorrento and Johnstone Streets Broadmeadows.

Your training time will be advised at the beginning of each season. Where possible they remain the same, though as children progress through the age groups, training times usually get later to accommodate the younger children in the earliest time slots.

You need to be there and ready to start at the given time. You must bring a water bottle and be wearing appropriate training gear and runners with a non slip/non marking sole.


What If My Child Can’t Make A Game?

We expect all players to show commitment to both training sessions and fixtured games. Coaches and the committee put a lot of time and effort into making sure we have everything in place for you to get the most out of your training. 

In the event that your child is sick or has other commitments, contact their team manager as soon as is possible as we need to ensure we have enough players to take the court without needing to call a walkover.

If you have concerns about your child’s eligibility to play finals , for example: if your child is away for several weeks, and you can provide a doctor’s certificate or proof of absence say for a family holiday, the Broadmeadows Basketball Association can make exemptions to the qualification requirements needed for player to participate in finals. This must be done at the time of the injury or event, not later in the season. 


Team Selections

While we do not hold selections or tryouts for our domestic teams, the committee does endeavor to arrange children in to teams that are first and foremost, appropriate for their basketball development. We understand, that children like to play with their friends, as a Club we feel that it is our responsibility to place each child in a team where they will develop to the best of their ability.  


Team Manager

All teams have an appointed team manager. They are responsible for collecting payments, coordinating uniforms and providing you with any club information that you will need in your time with Rebels. They will also advise which family is scoring on a particular week. We suggest we have a rotation each week of the team scorer so everyone can get to enjoy the game without having the scoring responsibilities every week. Please let your team manager know if you would like to learn how to score.



You need to be at the venue at least 15 minutes before game time fully dressed and ready to play. Sit together with your team, avoid being on mobile phones and use this time to talk to your team mates…Arrive prepared…and ready to play!

Coaches understand that families can have a number of siblings playing at conflicting times. Where possible please try to make arrangements prior to game day to ensure that your child arrives with adequate time to prepare to play. Some children find it quite distressing to be late, and it can be quite disruptive for the team. Please advise your coach if you know that this may be an issue for you prior to game day, so they can ensure that the team as adequate player numbers to start the game and avoid a walkover/fine situation.


Referees, we can’t play without them!! They have a job to do and they are human they WILL make mistakes. Many of the referees in the junior competition are juniors themselves. We will not always agree with their calls but showing them you don’t like their calls will just draw attention to yourself. No player, parent or spectator associated with our club should be talking to the referees during the course of, or after a game. Your coach or club official will take responsibility for dealing with the referees through the appropriate channels if there are any issues.


Player/Parent/Carer Conduct

The Rebels Basketball Club is a member of the Broadmeadows Basketball Association which in turn is an affiliate of Basketball Victoria. It is expected that all participants adhere to the Basketball Victoria Code of Conduct. Please remember when you wear the club colours you are representing yourself, your team and your Club. Be respectful at all times.



No one other than a Club official is to approach a referee, supervisor or venue manager. No one other than the President, Vice President or Secretary is to raise a complaint directly to the Association.

There are appropriate ways to deal with grievances. If any player or parent/carer has any issues at all we ask that you contact your coach directly. If the problem cannot be resolved, you can also speak a club official. Please do not approach coaches during a game or training session in front other club or team members. Make a time to see them or speak on the phone.

Whether it’s personal or team related, communication should be open and honest. It should be done in an appropriate manner and be constructive. Poor behavior by parents, spectators and players will not be tolerated. Please don’t bottle things up and let them fester when a quick chat through the right channels will see the problem resolved. The most important part of any junior sporting club is the ongoing participation of children in sport.

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