New Players FAQ

Last Updated: January 2016

These "Frequently Asked Questions" or FAQs aim to provide an answer to the most common questions you might have as a new player, or parent of a new player wanting to come and play with Strathmore Unicorns.

We hope that they will address most of your questions, but if you have any others, don't hesitate to ask them when you contact the club at our "New Players Enquiries" email:

Q.  What are the up front / annual costs to join Strathmore Unicorns?

 In 2016, the up front costs for a new player are as follows:

1. To Register to play for the club, there is a Season Registration Fee payable per player. In 2016, this Registration Fee is set at $70 for the first player. We offer a reduced rate of $45 for the second and subsequent players within the one family.

2. Additionally, for players new to the club, you will need to purchase a uniform per player, which at a minimum will consist of a Singlet and Shorts. At the start of 2016 the Singlets cost $55 and the Shorts cost $35. Note that the Singlets we now order are "reversible", which helps out with situations when we have colour clashes. 

Q. What are the recurrent costs of playing basketball with Strathmore Unicorns?

All Stadiums charge a "door charge" for each person who enters the stadium, whether they are a player or a spectator. Within the Broadmeadows association, that door charge currently stands at $2.50. Please note however, that if you are going to attend games at more than one venue, you can get a pass-out stamp to show you've paid at one venue that gets you access to the other venues. You only need to pay one door charge, per day of competition.

In addition to that, each team needs to pay for a team-sheet fee, which your team manager will pay. However to allow them to pay this team sheet fee, they will collect money from the player's parents. This normally works out to about $10 per week, depending on team size, and many teams prefer to pay in advance.

Q.  How do I get a Uniform?
A. Once you've decided you'd like to play with Strathmore Unicorns, you need to organise a uniform as quickly as possible. Visit our Uniforms Page, contact our Uniforms Co-ordinator and place your order.
Q.  How do I Register?
A. For new players, we ask you follow the details shown on our New Players page.
Q. When and where do we Play?

The vast majority of our junior domestic teams play within the Broadmeadows Basketball Association, and play on Saturdays. The youngest age groups, such as the Under 8 Mixed can be very early in the morning, as early as 8:30, and the times get progressively later through the age groups with some of the older age groups such as Under 16 and Under 19, have their last game at the other end of Saturday as late as 4:00pm on occasions.

Most of the games are either at Broadmeadows Basketball Stadium, or the adjacent Broadmeadows Leisure Centre, however a very small number of games are at other venues, such as Gladstone Park Secondary College.

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