This page contains documents to download and links to useful sites.

The following documents are provided for you to download for use and to refer to. The majority are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format so should be easily readable on most computers and portable devices. The exception to this is the Team Kitty Template Sheet, which is an Excel Spreadsheet.

Document Title
Basketball Victoria Code Of Conduct
Broadmeadows Basketball Association Social Media Policy
Broadmeadows Basketball Association Scoring Guide
Oak Park Stadium Conditions of Use
Strathmore Unicorns Medical Form
Strathmore Unicorns Parents Code of Conduct.pdf
Online Registration How To Guide - February 2014 Revision.pdf
Strathmore Unicorns Uniform Order Form
Strathmore Unicorns Team Manager Guide (PDF)
Strathmore Unicorns Player Age Brackets Guide (PDF)
This document allows you to determine, based on birth year, what Age Groups a player is eligible to play in during the upcoming seasons.
Strathmore Unicorns Team Kitty Template Sheet (Excel)
This template is provided as a way to allow Team Managers to track their team sheet payments each week. As the scoresheets are now $50 we suggest team managers asking for payments up front, so perhaps asking your players for $50 to help cover the costs for the first few weeks to save having to find the money each week. You can track the payments using the template and then you may find that you don’t need to collect money for the finals or have enough to have a team break up etc.

Please note if players miss a game, then it is to be expected, team sheet fees paid up front will only be refunded in the case of a long term absence such as an injury.


Coaches Resources
Basketball Drills This is a reasonably old set of drills developed originally by Greenvale Basketball Club some time ago. Still some useful drills in here thought.
Basketball WA NITP Drills - by Shane Froling A more recent document containing some excellent drills used by the WA National Intensive Training (NITP) Program - Basketball. Very comprehensive and should provide good value to many coaches
Vic Metro Warm Up A document that outlines the Warm Up Routine recommended for Vic Metro Basketballers. Optimal results from this include an up to 10cm improvement in your vertical leap, so it's certainly worth considering!
Coaching Guidelines General Coaching Guidelines for SUBC Coaches including application of the Mercy Rule within the Broadmeadows Association and the like.


Standard Operating Procedures
SUBC Incident Investigation & Response Procedures
Notice - Disciplinary Sub Committee
Report - Disciplinary Sub Committee


Useful Links
Coburg Basketball
Broadmeadows Basketball
Basketball Victoria

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