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Welcome to the Resource Library for the Lang Park Basketball Coach’s Bench.

In here you will find websites and other assorted coaching aids that can help you become a better Coach.

DVD'S:  Coaching DVD's are available, including the following purchased from Basketball Queensland:

  • Ganon Baker Coaches Clinic (If you do not know him just Google his name and listen to him. He's great).
  • FIBA Oceania Coaching Clinic - Mike McHugh, Luc Longley and Ian Stacker.
  • 2011 NBL Sunshine State Challenge Coaches Clinic.


If you wish to borrow any of the DVD’s please contact Di Wood on 3369 2647or email A $20 deposit is required.

Read and React Training Spots.
IMPORTANT: The spots are NOT be used unless they are under the direct supervision of a coach and that coach is using them to teach the Read & React Offence. The spots are an expensive item that CANNOT be replaced easily.  Lang Park Basketball Committee requests all due care and respect be administered with regard to this item.
The spots are kept on a chair as they are quite heavy so the chair being on wheels allows coaches to easily take the spots out to put in place accordingly on the court .  The spots and chair should be returned to the First Aid room on the court level promptly after your practice has finished. 
Helpful youtube references

Booklets - Aussie Hoops Coaching (Download Version below in printable pdf)

Basketball Court Dimensions

Animated Plays
Rating (10/10 )
Beware of pop-ups on this free site but definitely still worth the visit. If you have heard of a play or seen it in a game and now want to see an animated breakdown of the the play, this site does just that. You can see plays like the Double Pick or the Zone Press Break.

Coaches Clipboard
Rating (9/10)
This website has basketball fundamentals including terminology and many basketball drills. Be sure to check out the page with links to video clips of all the drills. The small video clip can quickly provide new idea to try at practice. It even covers issues such as the right attitude, the role of the basketball player and how to practice on your own in the off season. Great page for coaches wanting fundamentals and more. Updated 10/6/08

AVCSS Website
Rating (9/10)
Scroll down to see the video of the week which shows a basketball drill or skill.  You can also get several handout examples like, a stats form for youth teams, a summer workout plan, a guard or post player shooting routine, a full court blank diagrams, and much more. It has great basketball drills demonstrations that you can see on video.
Posted 12/12/07

Breakthrough Basketball
Rating (8/10)
Great website to help you understand your role as a youth basketball coach and has several articles to help you with your coaching like communicating with your players, 8 ways to earn your player’s trust and more.  Find a few simple tricks to optimize practice time and get more done without sacrificing your tight schedule.  Every coach needs to know the fundamentals and be able to teach several plays to their players.  Posted 11/29/07

Ultimate Youth Basketball Guide
Rating (8/10)
If you’re a parent just recruited to coach a team and you don't know a Cross Screen from a Crossover dribble check out the descriptions of terms for basketball actions, positions, rules and the court. Lots of reading but Information is presented in an easy-to-understand format. You'll find drills and tips for players and parents. Be sure to scroll down the screen to see all the information. Posted 5/24/06 

Jamie Angeli’s Basketball Camp of Champs
Rating (8/10)
This is a good site but it will take a little work to get to the “good stuff.” There are several underlined items that look like links, skip past these and go about half-way down the page to a three column table where you can find items like a simple offense. A little further down the page you can find ball handling and center jump circle drills.

Coaches Notebook
Rating (7/10)
This is a good resource with lots of reading and some good tools like the EZ score sheet. The real key to this site is the “Drop down” box on the top right. One click takes you to drills, offense/defense strategy and much more.

Coaching Youth Sports
Rating (7/10)
Every coach should read the Kid's Credo and the Who's On First is good reading for a coach dealing with parents complaining about playing time for their kids and Dear Coach if you have players who want to play in the game but can never quite seem to make it to practice. Don't miss the free book on Coaching Youth Basketball. Posted 12/7/05

Mr. Basketball
Rating (7/10)
Sidney Goldstein is the author of the Basketball Bible, an excellent book for youth coaches. This site has many of his ideas and tips including what to do if you have little practice time . Added 12/21/05

Rating (7/10)
Read the pointers on developing a team attitude. Lots of good reading on the site including practice planning and ways to improve your drills. Updated 2/26/07

Coaching Well Basketball Journal
Rating (6/10)
This site has offense, defense, drills, practice planning ideas and some interesting reading. Added 12/29/05

Coach like a pro
Rating (5/10)
Coach Brad Winters shares his multiple offensive and defensive systems; drill and practice plan. You will find quotes from various coaches, sports personalities. There are some good diagrams and passages to explain plays. Check the site map to find some of the other good resources of this site. Updated 6/16/08

Basketball drills and plays
Rating (5/10)
This is a quick loading site selling a coaching system but they also have some free resources and information on the site. The side navigation bar has links to plays and drills, be sure to scroll down on each page for the links and information that is free.

Bella Online
Rating (4/10)
An excellent site for the basketball enthusiast. Find a great list of links for coaching basketball as well as a variety of other basketball related links, trivia, and miscellaneous information. You will also find some good drills for the young kids. These drills are simple and teach dribbling, shooting and boxing out.

Basketballs Best
Rating (4/10)
Provides basketball enthusiast coaching information. The fundamentals section is included primarily for the player and covers defensive and offensive rebounding, passing techniques, the jump shot and the crossover dribble.

Fundamentals and Basketball Drills
Rating (4/10)
This site contains individual and team drills for young players. There is a variety of creative individual and team drills that can make practice more fun. Learn fundamental aspects of the game such as getting a feel for the ball and position on the court during different situations

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