The total fees for Bowral FC are made up of various components, the majority of which are out of the control of the club:

  1. Association and insurance fees - Football Federation of Australia National Registration fee + Football NSW Personal Injury Insurance and other fee + Southern Branch levy + Highlands Soccer Association levy + Wingecarribee Shire Council field use levy
  2. And then only the actual Bowral FC club fee

The various football associations do provide many hidden services to the club (including this free web site), and insurances.

And when you calculate the fees on a per match basis - assuming 20 matches per season - they are reasonable.  Unlike other sports, the winter football season is a long one, so the per match fee is relevant.  For those of you with children, it is very cheap child care / outdoor activity!

Fee table

The fees for the current season are therefore as follows:

Age Category U6 - U8 U9 U10 - U11 U12 - U15 Youth   All Age
 All Age
FFA, FNS, HSA other fees $100 $100 $108 $114 $124 $201 $223
Bowral FC fees $75 $85 $87 $91 $101 $64 $117
Total fees $175 $185 $195 $205 $225 $265 $340
Fee per match (20 matches) $8.75 $9.25 $9.75 $10.25 $11.25 $13.25 $17.00

Everything is online now

Please note that from 2017 onwards, all registrations and fees will be done and paid online - via the Player or Coach / Manager registration pages on this web site

Unable to pay via credit card?

If you are unable to pay via credit card, pleae email our registrar on registrar@bowralfc.org.au and we will endeavour to make alternative arrangements.  This exception will only be made in very rare circumstances.

Financial assistance for your children's fees?

If you need financial assistance for your children for the payment of fees etc, please contact the Highlands Community Centres on 4862 1122 or mail@highlandscommunity.org.au to make an application.  Financial support is potentially available for sports fees, uniforms and sports equipment, with a cap of $200 per child per annum.  The ability of the Highlands Community Centres to provide support is also limited.  Please understand this.


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